White Paneling + Paint Walls

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Uploaded: 24th Feb 2016 at 11:14 PM
Updated: 24th Feb 2016 at 11:24 PM
These are some remixes and recolours that combine the Maxis “Vaiyon Slacks” paint (and recolours thereof) with the white wood paneling from the “Brocade” and “Barnyard Beauty” walls.

The zip contains three packages:
  • vaiyon-slacks_recolours – Painted walls in ten custom colours that match the Maxis “Vaiyon Slacks” wall. 6§, in Paint.
  • woodpanel-white_with-vaiyon-paint – Painted walls with white wood paneling in 14 colours: four that match existing “Vaiyon Slacks” walls, plus the same ten custom colour variants as the “Vaiyon Slacks” recolours. 10§, in Paneling and Paint.
  • woodpanel-white_full-height – Full height wood panel wall, matching the Maxis “Barnyard Beauty”. One colour option, 12§, in Paneling.

The custom “Valiyon Slacks” colours and the custom panel + paint walls have bump and specular maps added; the four panels that match the original “Valiyon Slacks” walls do not (because the orignals don’t either (and if I added them, they would not match the other walls any more)).

In the current game version (1.15), bumpmaps on walls seem to be only rendered outdoors – with my graphics card + settings at least – ; in some earlier version(s) they were rendered indoors as well though, so who knows whether they will show up again in the future.

TSRW, Paint.net, s4pe, DP STBL Editor.