Buy Juices on Community Lots

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2016 at 11:21 PM
Updated: 6th Mar 2016 at 10:11 PM
Juicer mod : Buy juices on community lots

This mod improves the juicer from Seasons, allowing sims to buy all types of juices on community lots.

You can put an empty juicer on any community lot. Once you visit the lot with your sims, use the option "Choose the Menu" to automatically fill the juicer with produces. This will add all the fruits and veggies needed to make every recipes. You can also choose to include or exclude pureed boot from the menu.

The juices cost a few simoleons and also aspiration points. These points are required to benefit from the specific bonus you usually get with mouthwatering produces. I decided to add this cost because I didn't want my juicer to be too cheaty...

If your sim doesn't have enough aspiration points, she/he can buy average juice with no bonus effect. Drinking average juice will just impact motives.

This mod also adds another new option allowing you to display the list of recipes and their effects, as a remider.

The menu is available in English (default) and French.

You must have Seasons expansion pack installed.

It works also :
- on secret society lots from University EP (this is where I sell pureed boots ).
- on owned lots from Open for Business EP, but only when your sim is a customer.
As an owner, just make sure that the juicer is NOT "on sale" (yellow). You can choose which juices you sell more specificaly. You just need to put the produces required for at least one glass of each desired recipes. When you'll come back as a costumer and buy juices, the produces won't be removed, to avoid restocking issues.
Please keep in mind that the sims won't buy juice as long as you play with the owner of the lot (this feature would have been much more complex to code...)

Installing this mod may cause a reset (like a new EP or patch).

Installation :
Place the file in your Downloads folder, or a subfolder.

Compatibility :
- This mod is compatible with mike_1102's mods Juicer Have Infinite Capacity and Juice Tray Mods.
- It is also fully compatible with gummilutt's Juicing enabled for children. Kids will get all the new options from my mod
- This mod is NOT compatible with jfade's Juicer Tweaks.

Policy :
Please don't upload this mod on other websites. Provide a link to this thread instead.
You can include or modify this fix in one of your own mods, as long as you give proper credits and a link to this page.

Additional Credits: SimPE Jfade's Compressorizer