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Show/Search Sim Info Mod

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Uploaded: 26th Apr 2016 at 12:47 AM
Updated: 11th Jun 2020 at 4:29 PM
The version 3.8.1 is now available (December 8, 2019).
The mod is compatible with the patch of June 10 (PC Version

Changes in Version 3.8.1:
1. Sim Picker Dialog (BugFix)
The sim picker dialog didn't work because of the latest patch but now it works properly.

Show/Search Sim Info Mod has the following 3 functions. You can also customize the Main Dialog or something by the Mod Options.

1. Show This Sim Info
You click a sim, then select "Show Sim Info..." and "This Sim" in the Pie Menu. The mod shows the selected sim's info. You can see a sim info of any sim, including NPC sims / unplayed sims. You can also click a sim in the Relationship Panel to show the sim info.
If the selected sim isn't the active sim, the mod also shows their relationship info unless the active sim is an away-icon. It's a relation-based browsing (see the screenshots). So you can find family member(parents/siblings/children...) of your sim / NPC sim easily for example.

2. Select Sims From All Sims List in the Game / on the Current LOT
You click a sim, then select "Show Sim Info..." and "Select Sims From All Sims List in the Game / on the Current LOT" in the Pie Menu. The mod shows all sims list in the game or on the current LOT so you select a sim and OK button. The mod shows the sim info.

3. Search Sims
You click a sim, then select "Show Sim Info..." and "Search Sims" in the Pie Menu. The mod prompts you to enter a name or a search keyword (eg. trait, career) so you enter the word. The mod shows the matched sims so you select a sim and OK button. The mod shows the sim info. Please use an SSI Console Command "ssi -rule" or "ssi -keyword" to know the details or the keywords.

3.1 Format of Input Words
The format of input words is "Keyword:Condition1#Condition2". Condition2 is a numerical condition.
For example, "Skill:Logic#)5" means searching for sims whose logic skill level is greater than 5.
You can't enter a more/less than sign ">" or "<" in the input box because of a technical reason so you have to use a parenthesis ")" or "(" instead.
The length of the input box is short so I recommend you should search by SSI Console Command in the cheat window if you enter a long or many words.

The following are some examples of all numerical conditions.
Keyword:Condition1#)100 ... Greater than 100
Keyword:Condition1#)=100 ... Greater than or equal 100
Keyword:Condition1#(100 ... Less than 100
Keyword:Condition1#(=100 ... Less than or equal 100
Keyword:Condition1#100to200 ... Between 100 and 200
Keyword:Condition1#100 ... Equal 100

An exclamation mark "!" means Not (negation).
Keyword:Condition1#!)100 ... Not greater than 100
Keyword:Condition1#!)=100 ... Not greater than or equal 100
Keyword:Condition1#!(100 ... Not less than 100
Keyword:Condition1#!(=100 ... Not less than or equal 100
Keyword:Condition1#!100to200 ... Not between 100 and 200
Keyword:Condition1#!100 ... Not equal 100

The difference of the positions of "!" (between "Keyword:Condition1#!Condition2" and "Keyword:!Condition1#Condition2")
"Skill:Logic#!)8" means the logic skill level is NOT greater than 8. The sims have the logic skills but their level is not greater than 8.
"Skill:!Logic#)8" means NOT/NO logic skill level is greater than 8. The sims don't have the logic skills or they have the logic skills but their level is not greater than 8.

Example of Multiple Condition Search
"Career:Doctor#10 Salary:Weekly#)100000 Gender:Male Spouse:No Body:Fat#!)0 Occult:!Vampire Age:Young Trait:Genius Trait:!Geek Skill:Comedy#)=7"
It means searching for sims who are doctors (level 10) and earns more than 100,000 simolens a week. They are male and not married. They aren't fat or vampire. They are young. They have genius traits but no geek ones. Their comedy skill levels are greater than or equal 7.

3.2 Search Keyword List
All keywords are NOT case-sensitive. You can search sims by the following 22 keywords.
1. Name (first name or last name)
"name" ... name is a first name or a last name. You don't have to enter all letters so if you search for Bella Goth you can enter just "b", "be", "g", "go" or whatever you want. Your local language is available for name. "!name" means searching sims whose names are not "name".
You can search the special sims below.
"Jasmine" ... searching for Jasmine Holiday.
"Mimsy", "Bernard" .. searching for the ghosts in Von Haunt Estate
"Grim" ... searching for Grim Reaper
"Alien" ... searching for Alien Pollinator

4. SSI Console Commands
You can also use those functions by SSI Console Commands. The SSI Console Commands is used in the Sims 4 Cheat Console (press Control + Shift + C). Please enter "ssi -help" to see all SSI Console Commands.

Installation and Compatibility:
To install, unzip the file and put 3 files (Ita_ShowSimInfo.package, Ita_ShowSimInfo.ts4script and Ita_ShowSimInfo_Options.dict) in your mods folder. (please see the screenshots on the comment )
To update, delete the old mod files and 2 cache files (The Sims 4/localthumbcache.package and The Sims 4/cachestr/spotlight_xx-xx.package), then unzip the downloaded file and put all files in your mods folder.
The mod include a script mod so see the "Install Instructions" tab for how to install script mods and assure they are enabled if you are not familiar.
This mod was originally created using Version (April 22,2016 patch), and may not be compatible with earlier versions of the game.
This mod is compatible with MC Command Center.

Latest Translations:
English for v3.8.0 by me
Japanese for v3.8.0 by me
German for v3.4.0 thanks to Shanalora
Russian for v3.2.0 thanks to KuriXarya, for v2.9.1 thanks to the_you
French for v2.7.0 thanks to nioc28
Traditional Chinese for v2.3.0 thanks to wuccwzt

To future translators:
If you translate, you can write your name on the Options Dialog (next to Mod Creator) as below if you like.
0x8710B35F: Mod Version: {0.String}\nMod Creator: {1.String}\nTranslator: YOUR NAME\n\nSystem Time:\n{2.String}\n{3.String}
If you translate the mod or if you find some untranslated parts and modify the current translation, please upload your translation to the comment area. I'll welcome your translations.

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to Zerbu, Deaderpool, plasticbox, mgomez, scumbumbo, scripthoge, Lynire and all creators, who share valuable and technical information.
And also special thanks to all developers of s4pe, ModdingToolbox, Sim4DataTool, Sims4 Studio and other sims4 tools.
This is my first script mod so their shared information were very helpful. I thank all of them very much.