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Uploaded 20th Dec 2015 at 10:09 PM · Updated 23rd Dec 2017 at 8:50 AM by Lynire

This lists some information about a sim. The idea behind it was to help with mod development and to easily answer questions about sims I see walking around such as "Do they have traits I like for my sim to get to know them?", "Are they from an in-world home?", "Are they an alien?", "Are they married?", "What outfit are they wearing?", "Is their hair and/or makeup the same across their outfits?" etc.

See the "Install Instructions" tab for how to install script mods and assure they are enabled. You put the zip file into your mods folder. You do not unzip it.

You can list information for the current sim or a named sim. You do this using the cheat console. Some of the information categories produce output that is longer than what fits in the displayed portion of the cheat console output. For those you will need to scroll the output if you want to see all of the information.

This lists all available information for the current sim:
list_sim_info all

This lists household information for Bella Goth:
list_sim_info household bella goth

This lists help for using the command, which would commonly be used for seeing what all the available categories are:

Game Version
This mod was tested using Sims 4 version 1.37.35.

Thanks to the MTS site for hosting mods and for their information on how to write mods. Thanks to itasan2 whose mod showed me how to get zone names and gender preference.

1 January 2016
  • "Time alive in days" was added. This is the time in sim days and only includes time the game was running and not paused.
  • Floating point values were rounded to the tenths for easier viewing.
  • The body type names were changed from all-caps to something easier to read. This change involved taking the original name as used in the Sims code for the "BodyType" class, removing underscores and upper-casing the first letter of each word as was separated by underscores. This way you can tell what the original label was by inserting underscores before each upper-case letter other than the first one and then upper-casing it all. Note that this leaves some odd things due to that fact that the original Sims code had them; for example, there is a label "LipsTick" because the original item was strangely made "LIPS_TICK" instead of simply "LIPSTICK" or even "LIP_STICK".
29 January 2016
  • Added buffs, which include listing whether or not the sim is sick and if so what they are sick with. Buffs that are specific to traits and mood were not included because traits and mood are listed separately.
21 March 2016
  • Added code to prevent the buffs list from being truncated apparently due to output buffer restrictions.
8 April 2016
  • Added code to prevent the traits list from being truncated apparently due to output buffer restrictions.
12 April 2016
  • Added gender because it is hard to tell with knights and bears sometimes.
7 May 2016
  • Added zone names for households
  • Added gender preference
13 January 2017
  • Removed counts of babies and children since they conflict with game version 1.26.96.
25 August 2017
  • Added the ability to specify categories.
  • Rebuilt the "BodyTypes" array to make it current with the game. One effect of this is that prior to doing this the script could not list outfits on vampires in dark form; now it can.
23 December 2017
  • Removed the cheats enabled item from the household category since it doesn't work with game version 1.37.35.
  • Rebuilt the "BodyTypes" array to make it current with the game.

Type: Additional Functionality

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