Thin Book Tuning Fix

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This fix came about after I looked into making some magazines for my Sims to read, seeing as how popular they seem to be as of late.
I couldn't understand why the Spa workers could hold and read the Spa magazines without issue but when regular Sims tried, they would handle the book as if it was a thick book and it would stretch in their hands when opened.
It turns out that the Sims Team have got some of the tuning for thin books wrong and listed them as regular books in the game code instead.

Books in The Sims 4 can either be thick books or thin books. They are referred to in the coding as "book" or "bookThin" respectively. For most of the thin books in the game, the development team have forgotten to set the value to "bookThin" and instead left it as "book." This has the effect of making thin books stretch to the dimensions of a thick book when opened and read, as well as meaning that Sims use the wrong hand carry pose.
This fix overrides the affected tuning to correct these mistakes. There are 14 tuning overrides in all, listed below.

This fix can be treated like any other piece of CC as far as installing and removal goes. Just unzip the archive and place the .package in your mods folder. If EA ever get around to fixing it then you can just delete the file.

The following tuning resources have been altered with this fix;

Any other mods that alter the same tuning will conflict.
EA Books Fixes/Edits by BrazenLotus will conflict but also includes these fixes. Be sure to remove this file if you download her fixes (which I highly recommend).

If you already have CC magazines or books in your game that are broken in this way, if they are using EA tuning then this will also fix those as well. If they have custom tuning then the creator will need to update that themselves.

* These tunings are used by books which appear in the debug catalogue and seem to be reward books for the International Spy and Astronaut careers.
** This is the tuning used by the Spa Day magazine found in the debug catalogue. I'm unaware if any other books use it.

Updated 10-06-20 to add affected University skill books and remove Cooking and Charisma books which appear to have been fixed.
Updated 26-02-19 for StrangerVille.

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