Ye Olde Cooper's Muck for the Masses

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Uploaded: 12th Jul 2016 at 6:44 PM
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Ye Olde Cooper's Muck for the Masses


If you find realistic images of farm-type wastes offensive, please look no further.


These recolours work with the meshes available in the Barrels and Sacks, Barrels for Brigands and Default Replacement Trash Barrels projects.


This project consists of of twelve contents recolours as follows:
Brown Sludge, Cured Manure, Dung Cakes, Dung Pies, Dung Pile, Green Swamp, Green-Yellow Swamp, Grey Sludge, Rich Soil, Soiled Grass, Soiled Straw, Steaming Pile.

Terms of Use

You may include these recolours in uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. It is nice but not necessary to provide a credit and link to this page.

Additional Credits

GIMP 2, Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Photo Editor for graphics editing, file conversion, processing, sizing and titling
Jfade's Compressorizer for minimizing file size
SimPE for Sims 2 recolour creation
StephSim's Gwrych March Poverty Hovel is featured in Tom Brewster's encounters with the mucky recolours
All textures were extracted from authentic photos at the Wikimedia Commons.