Stop Random Flirting

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2016 at 12:00 AM
Updated: 22nd Apr 2021 at 9:32 PM - updated description
Update 26th December 2020:
After seeing people having issues with my mod I decided to make a more reliable version of it. It's a script mod which selects all flirt interactions and changes the tests for autonomous usage.

Mod description:
This mod changes the conditions for autonomous flirting. Your sims need to be in a romantic relationship or romantic conversation to flirt. It's a script mod and doesn't need to be updated for every patch.

Your sims can still flirt autonomously if they fulfill any of the requirements listed here:
  • when they are in a suggestive, amorous or steamy conversation.
  • with their wife/husband, fiancee/fiance, girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • when they have a romantic relationship (pink bar) which is at least 10.

Please note:
  • Your single sims won't flirt until you tell them to.
  • This mod can't prevent the game from generating random relationships when you switch households.
  • This mod won't affect enchanting introductions. You'll need No Autonomous Rude/Flirty/Enchanting Introductions by egureh to prevent this.
  • This mod can't prevent random NPC romances. You'll need No Random NPC Romance by lazarusinashes to prevent this.
  • This mod can't affect autonomy pushes for NPCs like the Free Love NAP. You need additional mods to prevent this.
  • This mod won't affect the „Vampiric Charm“ or club rules.

Possible conflicts:
  • Don't use this mod with other script mods which change autonomous usage of romantic social interactions. You could get unpredictable results.
  • If you use it with tuning mods which change autonomous usage of romantic social interactions, these mods could be ignored.
  • You can use custom romantic social interactions, these will be covered as long as the creator tagged them with Social_Flirty. But sims might use these interactions differently than the creator intended.
  • Mods to unlock interactions should be fine.

Known issues:
If EA adds new romantic situations that should not to be tested for faithfulness, my mod will probably block unfaithful behavior from it.

Extract the mod from the .zip file and place the .ts4script and the .package file together in your Mods folder. Don't place it more than one subfolder deep. Script mods have to be activated in your game or it won't work.

Additional Credits:
Scumbumbo: for everything he has done for the modding community
Triplis: for the tutorial „Injecting to Test Autonomous“ and the auto hash tool
andrew: for the tutorial „Getting Started with Python Scripting“
Sims Log Enabler
XML Extractor