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Bedding in YETI Colours

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2016 at 12:06 PM
Updated: 4th Jul 2017 at 4:30 AM - fix file names
***Thanks to dharden for letting me know the file and folder names are the same as I used for the bedding in the Quaint Lounge Suite and Matching Bedding Recolours set. I have changed the folder and file names, in the zip file, so they are now different.

I have always liked the Maxis 'Beige Bedding', so I decided to recolour it in Shasta's YETI Colours as well as Fairy Floss and Lemon Drop.

These are base game compatible, no EP's or SP's required!

Found: Buy Mode > Comfort > Beds. Price: §0.

Files have been compressed and checked in game. A colour chart is included in the zip file.

Additional Credits: SimPE - CEP - GIMP - Milkshape - UV Mapper - The Compressorizer - Maxis/EA Games and MTS.
Thanks to shastakiss for the YETI Colour Palette.