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Music autonomy overhaul

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Uploaded: 6th Aug 2016 at 4:02 AM
Updated: 4th Feb 2017 at 7:54 PM
I have been holding off uploading things for a long time, because I wanted to do something special for my 50th upload. But life has gotten in the way and I have next to no time at all for Sims. I decided it's better to release what I have and do something special when I have the time, and release the things that have been waiting for months. So this mod gets to be the 50th, because I'm fond of it, and because it's a little bit of a hint of what I wanted to do for the 50th but was unable to.

We all know how annoying Sims can get when it comes to instruments. Clanging away at the piano or violin at all hours of the day, neglecting needs and other duties. Parents barging into kids room to use their instruments, and townies taking up all the instruments on community lots. Lots of things to potentially annoy us. Well, no more! While playing my street performing sim Alicia, I had enough of townies blocking her way and taking up all the instruments, and that was the start of this mod. I give you, music autonomy overhaul.

What is this?
This is an overhaul of the autonomy coding for all music instruments. There are many mods to stop Sims autonomously using them, but I don't want to stop all Sims from using them, I just want to stop some of them. It is a global mod, and comes in two versions. The mod only affect autonomous behavior, you can still direct them to use instruments if you want to.

The mod has two parts, a package containing the global mod and an object in the shape of a small card. The card costs 0 simoleons, and can be found under misc/misc.

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to include apartments in this. Sorry about that! I will be posting an updated version that fixes apartments as well, as well as a Mac-compatible version for BV.

Full overhaul version
The idea behind this mod was to make Sims more reserved about playing instruments in public, and more respecting of other peoples instruments, and give you the option to ban certain Sims from playing regardless of where they are. I wanted to be able to distinguish between Sims that are creative in an artsy painting kind of way, and Sims that are creative in a musical way.

The mod will
1. Stop visitors from using instruments autonomously on residential lots
2. Only allow Sims with 5 or higher creativity to autonomously perform or practice on community lots
3. Let Sims pledge membership to the FUMLITT. Any Sim carrying the membership card in their inventory will refrain from using instruments autonomously, regardless of where they are.

This way, only Sims that are actually good at playing will do so in public, and visitors won't take liberties with your Sims instruments. With the card you can fine-tune this to further ban specific Sims when you feel the generic rules aren't enough. For example, you can give the card to the parents of your violin-playing kid so that only the child uses the violin, or to the partner of your musician to keep them from occupying the instruments or harming them with their inexperienced fingers.

The community lot creativity limit is easy to edit, so if you want it to be higher or lower, you can edit it to your liking. Instructions below.

Card only version
I realize that some people might like that all Sims are happy to play instruments in public, or that visitors put on a concert with your piano. To each their own! So for those of you that don't like that, I created a version without those parts.

The card only version only stops Sims with the FUMLITT membership card in their inventory from using instruments autonomously.

How to edit
If you'd like the creativity requirement to perform/practice on community lots to be higher or lower than 5, you can edit it yourself in SimPE. It's very easy to do.


If you for some reason can't or don't want to use SimPE, and you really want a different number than 5, let me know and I'll help you edit it.

Unfortunately, the instrument coding changes a lot between EPs. Making versions for all possible setups would take an age, and end up extremely confusing since there would be 20+ different versions to choose from. It's just not feasible. Therefore, this upload requires FT plus either AL or M&G.

I think it would work with just FT, but I haven't tested it. The piano code changed slightly between FT and AL/M&G, but I think the code would work in FT as well so it shouldn't matter. But if someone without AL/M&G would like to give it a try, I'd be grateful for feedback if the piano code works. If it doesn't, it might cause Sims to reset when they try to use the piano, but I don't believe it will. The other instruments will work fine, it's only the piano code that's affected.

Now, if anyone without the required EPs really want this mod, let me know what your setup is and if I can, I will make a version for your setup. I have very little time these days, but I will do my best to do it at some point. I'd love for everyone that wants it to have it, it just isn't feasible to make all possible versions.

This mod conflicts with a lot of other instrument-related mods out there. Anything affecting the autonomy of instruments will conflict, and most mods affecting how Sims use them all also conflict.

Conflicting mods I know of
No autonomous instruments by Squinge, No buskers by Pescado, Practice changes by Cyjon, Music and dance fixes by Boiling Oil. You can not have my mod and either one of those, so you'll have to choose which you prefer. My mod also conflicts with Cyjon's no home busker mod, see below for more information on that.

Mods that don't conflict
Twojeffs busker tipping hack

For those of you wishing to use Cyjon's no home busker mod that stops Sims from placing tip jars when they perform at home I have made compatible versions of my mod. My mod must load after Cyjons for both of them to work properly. I suggest you place it in the same folder as Cyjons mod, and put a z in front of the mod name, so that it's at the end of the list. The conflict is benign though, it won't cause crashes or errors. It only affects the perform-interaction on violin, and the worst that can happen is that only mine or Cyjons code works for that specific interaction.

If you find any more conflicts, I'd be grateful if you'd let me know so I can look into it and add it to this thread.

The wonderful human being that is Michelle. She created the object mesh and the recolor I used as base for the membership card, for another project of mine that isn't done yet, and she was kind enough to let me use it for this creation as well. Thank you for being such a sweetheart, I adore you and you are the best ever :lovestruc If you like the card, stay tuned for when she uploads the card and recolors. I've gotten a sneak preview, and I can tell you it's going to be great!
UPDATE - Michelle has now uploaded the card object and her textures! Woho! You'll find it here - Bank of Sims Credit Card.

All the wonderful modders willing to share their knowledge, who taught me the things I needed to know to create this. Special thanks to maybesomethingdunno who helped me track down a tiny mistake in the coding that was driving me absolutely insane, and NixNivis that helped figure out a problem with the guitar. I am very grateful to both of you!

Thank you to the mystery sheep that provided us with the fabulous thumbnail, and gave me a little extra motivation to get this finished and uploaded, as well as crossing off another item on my Sims bucket list

Bonus points to anyone who spots the unintentional hidden non-english pun. No cheating those of you who already know!

If you'd like to use the card object for a creation of your own, I ask you to go see Michelle's upload. It's her creation, not mine

If you'd like to use my code as base for something else, see my general policy.