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Lemon Sherbet! (Sherbet Collection Pt. 4) w/Simlish & English Buckets

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Uploaded: 24th Aug 2016 at 9:15 PM
Updated: 25th Aug 2016 at 1:04 AM
Ha! Just kidding! And you guys thought I was done with sherbets. For those of you not following the ice cream/sherbet trend, I recently "finished" a set of sherbets using crocobaura's ice cream meshes. At least I thought I was done...but after receiving some awesome feedback and requests, I decided to relaunch it and continue on with my sherbet collection. And thus, a bucket of Lemon Sherbet was born!

I created this yummy bucket of lemon sherbet using crocbaura's original "Vanilla Ice Cream". I've never had this particular flavor myself but I've been told it's delicious. Lemon Sherbet is a light and refreshing frozen treat. It has a tangy sweet lemon flavor with a texture that is both creamy yet slightly grainy. I believe the best way to describe it is that it's a cross between an ice cream and a sorbet. So yes, delicious.

Details You Should Know...

Downloading: I have created two different buckets to contain this bucket of lemon sherbet, a Simlish and English version. There is text on the side of the bucket and so I created two versions for people who like an all Simlish game. DOWNLOAD ONLY ONE TYPE. Both buckets have the same guids so for your own sanity, please download only one zip. Both contain everything you need for the ice cream to work in game so there's nothing to worry about. (They are very clearly marked)

What You Are Getting: Each zipped file has 3 items: a mesh of the ice cream itself, a English/Simlish bucket, and a custom plate for the ice cream. The original creator of this mesh, crocobaura, designed a custom plate and you need it in your downloads folder for this to work. But like I mentioned before, everything you need is in each zip. (If you have downloaded my sherbets or any other popular recolors of this mesh, you most likely have the plate in your downloads folder already)

Cooking/Serving: The sherbet has been cloned from base game gelatin, and so your sim won't need any cooking skill to pop it out of the fridge. You will find it under "Serve Dessert..." and "Make/Make Many..." if you have the OFB expansion pack. And as per the norm, it serves 6 sims.

Fork vs. Spoon Dilemma: If you downloaded any of my recent buckets of sherbet or ice cream, you'll know that my computer has been having trouble with these stupid spoons. And because of this, I am unable to test this upload with said spoon. So unfortunately, your sim gets to eat it with a fork. Yes, I know it's weird but if you really have a problem with it I suggest checking out this thread to convert the fork to a spoon for your Lemon Sherbet. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Final Thoughts...
Big thanks to @lauratje86 and @Goldenbtrfly for requesting this specific sherbet, I wouldn't have thought of it without their suggestions! If you have any fun suggestions, comments, or concerns feel free to leave a comment! I love feedback! On a more personal note, this week is my first week of college so this upload was sort of a celebration of that fact. I'm not too sure how often I can upload going into the school year but you better believe you'll still be seeing a lot of me.

And don't forget, all creators spend a ton of time on their work so make sure to hit that "Thanks" button if you like their work. It means a lot to us.

Curious to what I'm working on next? I keep and updated and brief segment dedicated to this on my profile page.

Additional Credits:
Custom Content Featured in Pictures: The "Resistable" Wall Panel from parsimonious has made another appearance as well as HeartDeco's Casual Cafe' Dining Table and Chair Recolours from "A Rainbow of Colors for the Casual Dining Set". I found the two dresses pictured above from simpany.com. The adult yellow dot dress can be found here and the teen yellow flower dress can be found here.

Design: Big thanks to pexels.com, pd4pic.com, and publicdomainpictures.net for the public domain pictures featured on my work.

Technical: And finally, a huge thanks to SimPE.78, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, FRAPS (Screenshots), Nvidia DDS Utilities (SimPE work), Mod The Sims, SIMale (Simlish Font Download), crocobaura (original vanilla ice cream and ice cream plate meshes), AriesFlare (amazing info and pdf doc. tutorial on creating custom foods), and lauratje86 and goldenbtrfly for originally suggesting this flavor of sherbet.

I could not have done this without all of their hard work before me!