Star Trek - First Contact Uniform

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Prepare to enter strange new worlds... the way it is meant to be in the 24th century

Hey you fellow Trekkies out there,

I thought it was about time to add the Star Trek Uniform that could be first seen in the Star Trek Movie "First Contact" to the Sims 3!

After we had a fine First Contact Uniform for the Sims 2 by NixNivis I always wondered when he, or someone else, would also release it for the Sims 3. But unfortunately this day never came .
In the meantime the Sims 4 has been released and there is obviously still no proper Uniform from the late TNG-Era, either for the Sims 3 or 4, to let my RPG dreams come true... and thats while we have so many Star Trek Staships here for download ....
That was the reason why I started meshing myself and this is the result!

My Picard in Burgundy / Command-Red

A random Sim in Teal / Science-Green

A random Sim in Mustard / Engineering-Gold

Included in this Pack are the three different division colors, as well as the six most used ranks in Star Trek.
With respect to the limitations of the Sims 3 and because i did not want to add unnecessary CC the ranks are included as different stencils, combined with one of the three colors, so you can mix them in the way you want, by editing the one's where the "rank-sencil" was used that you want in another color.

The ranks are Included in the fellowing way:
Red -> Captain, Commander
Green -> Liutentant Commander, Liutenant
Gold -> Liutenant Jr. grade, Ensign

I used a mesh from Maxis "Into the Future" Expansion Pack, that always looked suspicious close to me to the late TNG era Uniform, as basis for my start in meshing and while I'am quite happy with the result I also know that its far away from perfect.

Nevertheless I put many hours of time into this and its the first piece that I have ever published so I hope you will consider that, whether you guys out there write your comments... but I hope you will enjoy my work!

Live long and prosper

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Thanks to NixNivis for the Inspiration!