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Lt Nyota Uhura - Communications Officer

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To: Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.
From: Admiral A. J. Bertram, Central Command.

Thank you for welcoming me aboard your ship last month. It was very good to see you again, despite the circumstances. The loss of the U. S. S. Ballaseer has effected all of us. Thankfully your ship, though damaged, was spared the brunt of the ionic storm that sank her. Coming a few weeks after such a terrible tragedy, inspections can feel like a waste of precious time. Yet, as we both know, it is imperative that every ship in the fleet be regularly confirmed space worthy and every command reassessed from time to time. That said, let me congratulate you once again on a ship well run, Jim. Not that I expected less from you, my friend.

As for that little matter we discussed in your quarters, I have just the Communication Officer you are looking for. Her Name is Nyota Uhura. She is an Earthling, like yourself, with a sharp mind and a pleasant demeanor. A smiling face can do a great deal for the moral of the crew, and the captain. Tonic, my friend, like that excellent bottle of Saurian brandy we shared the other night.

Lt. Uhura was top in her class at Starfleet and has shown amazing linguistic talent along with a deep understanding of philology and cryptography. She is a quick learner who has shown herself to be adept at the Navigation and, in a pinch, can man the Science Officer station. Take her on and you will have yourself someone that is reliable and hardworking.

Under your command, I know she will get all the training and experience to become a fine officer. I will send her to join you in two days' time. Lt. Uhura will remain on the Enterprise for a one-month trial period and the end of which you will give me your report. I have every confidence you will find her an excellent addition to your crew.

I will be waiting for your pronouncement.
Albert Bertram

Packs Used: Get To Work (Get to Work is not required for this Sim to function. Its absence will affect her wardrobe.)

Lt. Uhura CC:

Female Star Trek Uniform by RemusSims at TSR
For it to work you will also need to download the mesh:
Lace Short Dress by Trillyke at TSR
Star Trek Swimwear by Zombie bat
Accessory Bangs by Mintyowls (Unkempt Bangs and Wavy Bangs used.)
Fox eye Makeup set by Alf-sisi at TSR (3rd from the top, 1st from the left)

Eyebrows No. 004 by Altea127 By Kijiko
3D Eyelashes by Kijiko (Extended Mesh, 1st row from the top, 1st from the let)
Kijiko Blusher by Kijiko (You will need to scroll down to find the blusher. (1st from the top, 1st from the left))
Stand Alone Cleavage Mask by Chisami
Pralinesims Eyebags N10 by Pralinesims at TSR (1st from the top, 4the from the left)
Pralinesims Contour N05 by Pralinesims at TSR (1st from the top, 4th from the left)
Pralinesims Lip Corners N02 at TSR (1st from the top, 1st from the left)

Elsewhere Eyes V2 by Dangerously Free Jellyfish (dark brown)
Gentle Lipgloss (Glowing Peach) By Screaming Mustard At TSR
Leather Skirt by Birba 32 at TSR
S-Club LL TS4 Nail Art 01 by S-Club at TSR
Real Lips Revisited by PictureAmoeba (Natural lip color set, use Neutral, full opacity, 2nd from the top, 3rd from the left)
Flowy Set by Jools Simming (crop top with shorts, used for Sleepwear)

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