Lamp of Fire Warding

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Uploaded: 15th Jan 2017 at 1:34 AM
Updated: 9th Dec 2018 at 4:20 PM - Routing Improvement
Title: Lamp of Fire Warding

UPDATE August 5th, 2017

This update makes several improvements to student routing. For example, if a session is in progress seated around a table and there is a shortage of seating, Sims will stand rather than sitting on the floor.


a) To program a lantern to act as a whole lot fire alarm that would summon either a good warlock or a firefighter to extinguish the flames, selectable by menu option. Unlike the basegame fire alarm, only one Lamp of Fire Warding is necessary to protect the entire lot, inside and outside.

b) On non-residential lots, to enable this lamp to automatically invite and/or create a warlock to teach the Fire Prevention skill who will also help raise an interest in Work, stimulate FreeTime Nature Enthusiasm, increase Niceness, satisfy Fun and Social needs, and improve magic skill. If Apartment Life is not available or the user selects the "Disable Magic" menu option, then the invited townie will not be made into a warlock, and magic skills are not applicable.

c) To supply recolours for both the lamp and its flame.

d) To give the option for the warlock to cast spells to create fireflies or raise the mood of all the Sims on the lot.

General Description

The Lamp is compatible with the podiums available in the Opportunity Pack Lectern, Reading Desk and Ravendancer projects.

The Lamp of Fire Warding is available from both the Hobby/Knowledge and Lighting/Floor Lamp sections of the catalogue at a cost of §75. The mesh is based on and slaved to the basegame Antebellum Wall Lamp. Unlike typical lighting objects, the Lamp is always lit, throughout the day and night.


1) Lamp of Fire Warding - This blessed Lamp burns with an everlasting flame, unceasingly protecting the whole lot from the dangers of fire. When fire breaks out and if Apartment Life is installed, a townie will be transformed into a good warlock who will extinguish the fire magically - otherwise, the lantern will call in a basegame firefighter.

When fire is detected, the lamp's candle acquires a red glow that lasts until the fire is extinguished. If the warlock is not up to the task, backup code will automatically put out any fires that remain. While in the alarm condition, several menu items are suppressed.

In normal conditions, the Lamp can create a good townie warlock to teach the Fire Prevention skill, raise Work interest and FreeTime Nature enthusiasm, increase grades points, magic skill and good alignment, and satisfy comfort, fun and social needs. If the teacher is a warlock, everyone present will become slightly Nicer, and the spellcaster can also bring happiness or summon fireflies to the lot.

The good warlock created by the Lamp can cast the Benemoodus Populus spell to make everyone on the lot happy, which can be very useful after Sims have been involved in a fire. By request, if Seasons is installed, he can also use Creatum Insecto Volucris to summon fireflies at night or butterflies in the daytime. The warlock has earned a gold badge in Pottery creation, making him a suitable employee for an OFB craft shop.

A Sim who has already learned the Fire Prevention skill may teach using the Lamp, gaining Charisma in the process. Magicians who practice "Good" magic and moderately Charismatic Sims (those with at least three Charisma skill points) may do so autonomously.

The Lamp is college accredited for those majoring in Physics, but regardless of what major they may be specializing in, attending a lecture at the Lamp will grant college credits to all those registered in university. The Lamp satisfies the "Practice Speech, "Read To" and "Be Read to by" wants.

College and school progress is displayed at the beginning and end of each student's learning session. If a school student earns an "A+", additional study will earn Extra Credits which allow a child or teen to take time off without losing a letter grade, or can be saved for advanced placement (up to one half term for 1000 points) in college. For students of magic, magic skill and alignment data is displayed at the beginning and end of a student's learning session.

2) Antebellum Wall Lamp Recolours - this set of six recolours support the lamp subsets of both the Lamp of Fire Warding and the basegame Antebellum Wall Lamp. Note that the candle portion of the recolours will only affect the Lamp of Fire Warding since the Antebellum candles are not recolourable. The set is comprised of the following recolours: Black Lamp with Red Candle, Blue Lamp with Vanilla Candle, Gold Lamp with Blue Candle, Invisible Lamp & Candle (built-in to the Lamp of Fire Warding), Red Lamp with Gold Candle, and Silver-Bright Lamp with Green Candle.

3) Lamp of Fire Warding Flame Recolours - these six recolours of the candle flame are only applicable to the Lamp of Fire Warding: Blue, Green, Invisible, Red, White, and Yellow.

Terms of Use

You may include any item from this set in uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. It is nice but not necessary to provide a credit and link to this page.


I suggest using Pescado's Community Lot Skilling and Enthusiasm patch so that these and all other skill building objects are fully functional on all lots.

Additional Credits

GIMP 2 and Microsoft Paint for graphics editing, file conversion, processing, sizing and titling
Jfade's Compressorizer for minimizing file size
Milkshape 3D, Ultimate Unwrap3D Pro and UV Mapper Professional, for 3D modeling and mapping
Numenor's AnyGameStarter, for testing this project in several game environments
SimPE, PJSE, and CEP for Sims 2 object creation

Polygon Counts

Lamp of Fire Warding: 316 faces, 378 vertices