The Sims 2 Opportunity Pack Extension Speaker

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2015 at 5:05 AM
Updated: 16th Apr 2017 at 6:43 PM - Normalized title.
Title: The Sims 2 Opportunity Pack Extension Speaker

ACCREDITED December 16th, 2016:

a) With the major upgrade, the Extension Speaker is now University and grade school accredited, meaning that school and college students will earn grade points while they attend the talks. Their educational progress will be displayed at the beginning and end of each tutorial session.

b) A bug that caused listeners not to use audience seating has been fixed. My thanks to gazania for confirming this problem.

c) In checking for valid audience seating, bar stools are now approved for use.

d) The Extension Speaker now properly supports the Seasons Litigator.

e) Enthusiastic listeners will now go to the front of the class to attend the talk, rather than the rear.


1) To provide an Extension Speaker that allows an audience to hear a speech made from an Opportunity Microphone, Text or similar device, a Basegame Teleprompter or a Seasons Litigator Podium situated on a stage, in a pulpit, or in another room.

2) To supply EA stereo systems with a matching decorative speaker.

3) To include two sets of surface recolours that will work with both the Basegame Neukum Systems Wall Speaker and this Extension Speaker.

4) To supply a set of recolours for the Extension Speaker grill cover.


1) Opportunity Pack Extension Speaker - this accessory object is available in the Hobby/Knowledge section of the catalogue for §84.

The Extension Speaker automatically searches for the closest activated Opportunity Microphone or Text, Basegame Teleprompter or Seasons Litigator and links to it. If a Sim makes a speech at the linked object, the associated Extension Speaker "relays" the speech into the room that it is in. Sims in that room will be attracted to the Extension Speaker and find a place to sit while listening to the talk. The Extension Speaker does not actually reproduce the speech maker's audio.

If the Extension Speaker has successfully linked to a speech making object, the link can be checked using the speaker's "Display Link" menu option.

Listening to a linked Extension Speaker will increase school and college grades and whatever Skill, Interest, FreeTime Enthusiasm, motive and other characteristic is associated with the linked object. In the case of a Basegame Teleprompter, Charisma Skill, Politics Interest and FreeTime Film & Literature Enthusiasm will be stimulated. If the speech maker is using a Seasons Litigator then the result will be similar except that the audience will increase its Crime Interest and FreeTime Science Enthusiasm.

When the speaker is used with the Litigator or Teleprompter it is college accredited for those majoring in Political Science, but regardless of what major they may be specializing in, attending a lecture at the speaker will grant Grade Points to all those registered in university or school. College and school progress is displayed at the beginning and end of each student's learning session. If a school student earns an "A+", additional study will earn Extra Credits which allow a child or teen to take time off without losing a letter grade, or can be saved for advanced placement (one full term for 1000 points) in college.

Sims will listen to a speech until their need for Fun is satisfied, but if the talker has a Charisma Skill of at least three points then Sims will continue to listen until their mood or needs become too low. Moderately Charismatic speech makers (those with at least three Charisma points) who are not members of the family will be paid a stipend by each listener present at the Extension Speaker.

A linked Extension Speaker can be activated or deactivated by menu option. If an Opportunity Pack Lost Opportunity paper is situated on the same tile as the Extension Speaker, the speaker will be disabled, regardless of this menu option.

For decorative purposes, the top surface of the speaker contains three slots: an end table, a low table, and a decorative. These slots are intentionally not usable by Sims.

2) Neukum Systems EA & Natural Wall Speaker Recolours - this set expands the recolour options for the Basegame residential wall speaker. The Opportunity Pack Extension Speaker surface is slaved to the Neukum Wall Speaker, so it uses the same recolours.

3) Neukum Systems Michelle/Pooklet Wall Speaker Recolours - this alternate set provides Pooklet recolours compatible with The FreeTime "Broken-In" Desk Pooklet Expansion Set. These recolours are based on Michelle's Pooklet textures.

4) Extension Speaker Cover Recolours - based on the mesh for the Glamour Life Pampered Sounds Stereo, the Extension Speaker includes a speaker cover or grill. Several of the included recolours match the Pampered Sounds speaker covers or those of other EA stereos.


This set is distributed in two downloads, as follows:

a) - the Extension Speaker and the Invisible Recolour from this set. These two files are likely all that users will need for pre-modern or fantasy neighbourhoods.

b) - natural wood, EA style, Michelle/Pooklet recolours for the basegame residential speaker, together with speaker cover (grill) recolours, some of them inspired by EA stereos and wall speakers

Terms of Use

The Pooklet recolour set is based on Michelle's custom textures and out of respect for Michelle, please do not upload them to pay sites or TSR. However, you are welcome to include the recolours from this set in uploaded lots that are posted to free sites. Please include a credit and link to this page.

The remainder of these items may be included in any uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. It is nice but not necessary to provide a credit and link to this page.


I suggest using Pescado's Community Lot Skilling and Enthusiasm patch so that these and all other skill building objects are fully functional on all lots.

Additional Credits

GIMP 2 and Microsoft Paint for graphics editing, file conversion, processing, sizing and titling
Jfade's Compressorizer for minimizing file size
Milkshape 3D, Ultimate Unwrap3D Pro and UV Mapper Professional, for 3D modeling and mapping
Numenor's AnyGameStarter, used for testing this project in several game environments
SimPE, PJSE, and CEP for Sims 2 object creation

Polygon Count

Opportunity Pack Extension Speaker: 685 faces, 522 vertices