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Two FFS Fantasy Collection Add-ons: Wall Mirror and Table Lamp

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Uploaded: 17th Mar 2017 at 9:44 PM
Updated: 19th Mar 2017 at 12:01 AM - Replace Mirror file-Shadow has been fixed.
UPDATED: Many thanks and a big hug to mustluvcatz, for fixing the shadow on the Wall Mirror for us. I have replace the Wall Mirror in the original file as well as adding a separate file with just the fixed Wall Mirror, for those that have already download it but would just like to grab the fixed Wall Mirror.

After the Castle Fantasy Bedroom Set was finished, we realized that the small table lamp that was included in this collection was barely a nightlight. So we made a lamp to go with and look more like it belonged to this set - and an add-on was born! Then Michelle got the wonderful idea to do a wall mirror to match, since Maxis did not include any mirrors to use with this set - and so the second add-on was born!

Many "Thanks" and Enjoy!

Michelle and Debra

The Mirror ~
Found: Buy -> Decorative -> Mirrors
Price: §180
Polys: 736
Textures: EA/Maxis
Subsets: 1, not recolorable
Requires: Family Fun Stuff Pack
Cloned from: Manor House Multi-Mirror

The Lamp ~
Found: Buy -> Lighting -> Table Lamps
Price: §91
Polys: 1035 (a wee bit high for a 1-tile object)
Textures: EA/Maxis
Subsets: 2, not recolorable
Requires: Family Fun Stuff Pack

Since both the mirror and lamp are slaved to the "My Impregnable Fortress" Bed by Mystical Furnishings, any recolors you may have of this object will also show-up for the mirror and lamp.

Polygon Counts:
Mirror: 736
Table Lamp: 1035 (a wee bit high for a 1-tile object)

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis ~ Mod the Sims ~ CEP ~ SimPE ~ GIMP ~ MilkShape ~ UV Mapper Pro ~ Gadwin PrintScreen
mustluvcatz for fixing the shadow on the mirror. Thank you!