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School day changes

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Uploaded: 1st May 2017 at 1:23 AM
Updated: 1st May 2017 at 6:52 PM - Typos
In continuation of my carpool and school bus flexibility upload, I bring you some more school-related mods. It always seemed strange to me that teens get out of school at 1pm and the poor children have to stay until 3pm. Where I come from that is not how it is at all, the younger the child the earlier they get out of school. And school usually starts at 8am, not 9am. So after releasing the school bus mod, I figured I might as well continue and mod the other aspects of school that bug me!

What is this?
This upload contains two different mods that affect the school day. One that makes schools start earlier, and one that makes school days shorter for children so they come home from school at the same time as their older siblings.

With School Starts Earlier, school will start at 8am in both public and private school. It does not affect how long the school day is, so teens will get out at noon, and children will get out at 2pm, unless you choose to use the second mod that shortens school day for children. One benefit of the school day starting earlier is that your teens with jobs that start at 3pm get an additional hour to take care of needs before it's time to go to work.

With Shorter School Days your Sim children only have to spend 4 hours in school, just like teen Sims. I figured some people might like there to be some kind of difference between public and private school, so I decided to offer the mod in three variations. Only use one. None of them change school hours for teens.
1. Children go to school for 4 hours, just like teens
2. Children in public school have 4 hour school days, but children in private school have 6 hours school days as usual
3. Children in private school have 4 hour school days, but children in public school have 6 hours school days as usual

I can think of a whole heap of other combinations that people might want, but I know it gets confusing to download when there are lots of different files so I'm going to stick with these four for now. If anyone wants some other set up of school duration for children/teens you are welcome to request it and if I can I'll make it for you.

When combined with optional school bus
One of the great things about this is that if teens and children are in school for the same amount of hours, they will return together in the car if they carpool to school together. That lets you avoid the school bus all together, if you really want to. See my Carpool & School Bus Flexibility for more details.

Compatible with all setups. No EPs required, anyone can use it.

No conflicts that I know of. Will conflict with mods that affect the school hours for children and

Does not affect Inge Jones' custom school types, and should not affect any custom school types based on Inge's custom schools.

Karen_Lorraine for helping me double check compatibility. Thank you for the help <3