Starving artist tip jar

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Uploaded 30th Jul 2017 at 4:51 AM

Before we get to the creation itself, we'd like to say hello! We are gdayars and gummilutt, under the joint name gammi. We will be uploading joint creations of ours in this modding group. This first creation is rather silly, but we've got some really cool things brewing that we hope you will all enjoy.

Now on to the creation! MTS has brought back themes, and the first one is performance art. Gummi has always found the glass jar Sims use for collecting tips rather unrealistic, and this theme seemed like a good time to do something about it. And what could be better for a starving artist than a soup can? Low budget, stylish (well not really ) and unlike a glass jar guaranteed to not shatter into sharp pieces. No Sim will be able to mistake you for anything else than what you are, a starving artist in dire need of tips!

With this default replacement mesh and texture, Sims will instead place a soup can to gather tips in when they perform. It is a new custom mesh, made by gummi, with metal textures (made from scratch) and texture edits by gdayars. Polycount is 402. Tip jar is 718, so it is lower poly than original. Compared to the original the size has been adjusted to reduce clipping between a Sims hand and the object. It's still not perfect, but it's better than it is with the glass jar.

Compatibility & Conflicts
Requires an expansion pack with a performance-interaction. If your Sims can perform for tips, this default replacement will work.

Only contains a replacement for the GMDC, TXMT and TXTR of tip jar, and as such will only conflict with other default replacements for tip jar.
Resources overriden

Foodrepublic for soup label image - found here
Stellmaria for Serrano Garden that pictures were taken in

Thank you's from gummi
Thank you times a billion to gdayars for agreeing to help with this project. If it weren't for you this would have died in the early stages. Thank you for helping me figure out what went wrong with the meshing, thank you for patiently explaining to me how to fix it. Thank you for listening to me obsess about this for the last month. Thank you for rescuing me when I couldn't find metal textures, and thank you for putting up with my perfectionist fussing on the texture and getting the mesh just right.

I would also like to thank justJones who very kindly taught me how to uvmap. I was pretty sure it was magic and could not be done, but you proved that it can be done, and it's not as impossible as it seems.

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