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Trait/Custom Life State Inheritance & Club Filters

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Uploaded: 16th May 2017 at 5:58 PM
Updated: 15th Jun 2021 at 9:35 PM - Club Filters V.1.3.9 [New EP/GP Traits]
This mod allows certain traits and life states to be inherited and/or used[/s] as a club filter. It also allows up to 20 sims to be added to a club.
Club filters updated for Discover University, Trait Inheritance no longer being updated.

Club Filters V.1.3.7:
Adds more traits as club filters and increases the maximum number of sims in a club to 20.

Traits for Club Filters:
Human (Not Occult)
Plant Sims
Sorcerer (Become a Sorcerer (Choose your Alignment and unlock Spells!) by CardTaken)
Succubus/Incubus/Cambion (Sims 4 Occult Life State: Succubus by batman101)
Hogwarts House Traits by brittpinkiesims
The Siren Trait: Reloaded (by Aaronj3)
Fairies (Fairies Mod by Nyx)
(Mermaids Mod by Nyx)
(Mermaid Lifestate by Gaybie)
Zombies (Zombies Mod by Nyx)
Electromaniac (by Nyx)
Werewolves (Werewolf Mod by Nyx)

You must buy the "Club Size" club perks to increase the number of sims that can be added.
No Perks: 6 Sims
Perk 1: 12 Sims
Perk 2: 20 Sims

Inheritance V.2.1.3:
This section is no longer being updated
The trait inheritance has got extremely complex with all the different combinations of both custom and EA parents.
I don't have the time I need to sit down and actually make this all work.

You are welcome to download and use this mod but I make no guarantees that it will work.

As of V.2.0.0, the custom trait inheritance is configured such that every combination of parents has their own list of outcomes (The .zip contains an excel spreadsheet with the possibilities), this should minimise problems with inheritance between 2 occult parents. I've not yet done all the combinations for the new Island Living Inheritance. I'll sit down and do that when I have more free time. I'll also be removing compatibility with mermaid mods as they're included in the new pack.

Traits for Inheritance:
Plant Sims
Ghosts (You must have my Ghost Needs Mod for this to work.)
Succubus/Incubus/Cambion (Sims 4 Occult Life State: Succubus by batman101)
Sorcerer (Become a Sorcerer (Choose your Alignment and unlock Spells!) by CardTaken)
Fairies (Fairies Mod by Nyx)
Mermaids (Mermaids Mod by Nyx)
Werewolves (Werewolf Mod by Nyx)

I will add more life states and traits if they're requested. (Please comment with a link)

Any other mod that allows inheritance or adds club filters will probably conflict

Deaderpool's MC Command Center
This mod is compatible with MCCC.
Some Trait Inheritance may be overridden by MC Occult's Custom Pregnancy Options. For full effect, set that setting to 'false'.
MC Clubs' Club Member Count Setting will override the More Members Club Perks; to use the Club Perk Upgrades, set that setting to the default "8".
MC Clubs' Monitor Club Members Setting will add extra sims to clubs to clubs with more Sim Slots.
MC Clubs also adds Male and Female as club filters and as such, they have been removed from this mod. (If requested I can make a version with Male and Female as club filters).

To Other Modders: Please separate the inheritance and club filter files from your main package(s) and pm me or comment so I can add them to this mod. A central set of mods should minimise conflicts. Also, for full compatibility, ensure your mod removes the trait 154191<!--Trait: trait_Occult_NoOccult--> when it adds your life state's trait.
If you don't want your mod to be supported just pm or comment and I'll remove support from this mod.
To players: If a mod supports inheritance for itself it will probably conflict. I can remove inheritance and upload a version compatible with this mod if requested (It will be uploaded to the comments of this mod. All credit to original modder).

Additional Credits:
The creators of any traits or custom life states I have added or will add.
Thanks to the creators of S4PE for allowing me to package my mod.
Thanks to scumbumbo for his XML Extractor, without this I couldn't have found the right file to modify and would have been stuck looking through all EA's .package files.