Mid-latitude sunrise/sunset offset times

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Uploaded: 23rd Jun 2017 at 11:22 PM
I've always considered unrealistic the way EA decided to reflect the difference between day and night in winter and summer. It's barely noticeable for me and it makes no sense for worlds which are supposed to be situated further north or south from the simworld's "equator". EA failed to realize the simple fact that the difference between day and night in winter and summer becomes more noticeable as one travels from the equator towards the poles. As mods which change the weather are already available, including twallan's Tempest, you can change the temperature and weather conditions of your town. Now you have a mod which makes the difference between day and night in summer and winter more noticeable. What it basically does is change the times when the sun rises and sets throughout the sim-year. The numbers are based on my hometown Szczecin, Poland. Other Earth's locations which may have similar sunrise and sunset times are: Unalaska, USA; Edmonton, Canada; Dublin, Ireland; Manchester, England; Hamburg, Germany; Tolyatti, Russia; Punta Arenas, Chile (south).

Issues: I found it impossible to change the sun's path, which is different in summer and winter. The sun will always follow the sky's "equator", even during winter and summer. Also, in summer there are no nights as such around the summer solstice in where I live. We have a prolonged twilight and even at solar midnight (1 AM) the sky is a lot brighter than in winter as the sun doesn't go far below the horizon (grey nights). The game doesn't seem to be able to simulate this, though.

The times are as follows:

Sunrise: 7:00 AM - Sunset: 7:30 PM

Sunrise: 4:30 AM - Sunset: 9:30 PM

Sunrise: 7:00 AM - Sunset: 4:30 PM

Sunrise: 8:15 AM - Sunset: 3:45 PM

I simulated the DST (Daylight Saving Time) as well.

You can watch a video which shows a 24-hour simulation of the process HERE

This is simple _XML modification of SeasonsManager_0xda46c4abc19a24ff. If you have a mod which modifies this file, it will conflict. Make sure there are no conflicts. Built with version 1.63. The default values are somewhat bizarre:

<kSummerSunriseAndSunsetOffsets value="0, 0"> changed to: "-1.5, 3.5"
<!--Summer Sunrise/Sunset hour time offsets.-->
<kFallSunriseAndSunsetOffsets value="1, -1.25"> changed to: "1, -1.5"
<!--Fall Sunrise/Sunset hour time offsets.-->
<kWinterSunriseAndSunsetOffsets value="2, -2.5"> changed to: "2.25, -2.25"
<!--Winter Sunrise/Sunset hour time offsets.-->
<kSpringSunriseAndSunsetOffsets value="1, -1.25"> changed to: "1, 1.5"
<!--Spring Sunrise/Sunset hour time offsets.-->

Each number shows how many hours from the default the sunrise (6 AM) and sunset (6 PM) will occur. Positive numbers indicate 'later than default' and negative ones 'earlier than default'.