Mischievous sims can Swipe

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Uploaded 8th Sep 2019 at 3:45 PM · Updated 11th Sep 2019 at 5:24 PM by Simmiller

Hello Simmers!

I made this mod to replace my 'Criminal can Swipe' mod because the Strangerville update made it more complicated to enable the swipe interaction for criminal sims (they only got the interaction upon entering the career).

This mod enables sims with at least level 2 Mischief skill to swipe objects.

Differences between a mischievous sims's swipe interaction and a kleptomaniac's:
  • you can steal anything, regardless of the value
  • mischievous sims can't return stolen objects
  • mischievous sims won't swipe objects autonomously

Everything else remains the same, e.g.:
  • cooldown period (your sim have to wait before stealing again)
  • chance of being caught while swiping

It won't be compatible with any other mod that alters the Mischief skill or the stealing broadcaster.

Overrides the resources

Adds two new interaction