Diagonal Easel Mod

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2017 at 6:40 PM
Updated: 2nd Aug 2017 at 11:44 PM
Haven't you ever wished your Sims could use that easel diagonally? Ever since University, things have been allowed to be turned at a 45 degree angle, but those silly sims... they say they can't use it although it looks so nice and pretty there in the corner.

So now with this simple global fix, your Sims now learn how to turn themselves and their paint brushes 45 degrees as well.

This fix takes ONE expansion pack. While the wiki states that the allow45degreeangle cheat is in University, Nightlife, Open for Business, and Pets only, testing with just base game and Bon Voyage resulted in the easel being able to be turned, so obviously the cheat was included with all packs from Uni onward. So essentially if you can turn your easel 45 degrees, you can use this global mod. Because base game itself doesn't allow for diagonal turning, it doesn't help base game, but the coding doesn't hurt base game either, so if you inadvertently download it, it won't do any harm (yes that was tested too, we even tried a diagonal easel, and the sim could paint, but the canvas didn't turn so it was quite a funny sight to behold).

I am also including a custom easel that is just a simple modded clone of the regular easel, that will work diagonally in case you don't want to put the global mod into your downloads folder for some reason. It however takes everything. It was made with Ultimate Collection so most likely will require every pack.

The global mod itself, was tested in Uni plus base game, Nightlife plus base game, All packs, and Bon Voyage plus base game. However, the bhav changed is the same from Base Game onward.

The custom easel mesh is a direct clone of the EA easel so is the same poly count:1199

As far as mod conflicts go, this mod will conflict with any mod that affects this bhav: Paint - Move To Easel
I actually know of no mod that does that. But in case one exists, or comes into existence, they will conflict.

I am also including a tutorial that Gummi made for me, to show you how to change any custom easels you have, that aren't affected by the global mod so that you can fix them yourself if you so wish.

The global mod is the gdayars_easelfunctionaldiagonaluniglobal file

The custom easel is the gdadiagonaleaselUC file

The tutorial is the Tutorial-FixingCustomEasels file

One known issue, although it is minor, with this mod, is that they stand very slightly further away from the easel than they do when painting normally. This cannot be helped (at least by me) as they are actually using the same slots as before, it is just because they are positioned diagonally instead of straight on. The sims still paint, still sell their paintings, still continue paintings etc. they just are one step further back, appearance wise.

A big thank you to Gummi, Jo, Karen, and Maxon for helping, and testing with this project.

Further clarification: The easel doesn't automatically turn 45 degrees There seems to be some confusion. If your game has the 45 degree angle cheat, you can use it to turn the easel. All my mod does, is make them be able to use it after it is turned by you, the user They don't stomp their feet, they can actually approach it and use it, if you have turned it yourself.