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Young Adult's Job Panel Revealer - Experimental

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Uploaded: 6th Oct 2017 at 7:17 PM
Updated: 9th Oct 2021 at 9:31 PM

9 Oct 2021: Updated both files with menu hints (see pictures section)
7 Oct 2017: Updated diary file (deleted extra file from the package)

Scary details

These are hacked objects that allow you to temporarily open student's job panel that is normally replaced by major/classes panel. You may choose between a bulletin board and a diary or have both objects; they have different GUIDs.

Why "experimental"? Sounds dangerous.

Technically, what happens is this: young adult temporarily stops being young adult. What you see is adult's UI. This is the reason why I made the game go on pause - so nothing will happen while you're browsing the panel. When you unpause, the sim will go back to YA right after that (in 1 fraction of a second). If you go out of live mode or click an object again, the sim will revert instantly - not even a fraction of a second will pass.
I've made sure that after going there and back sims remain completely the same they were before. How I tested it: took a sim, recorded all her data (attributes, tokens and all), then I used a hack with her a couple of times and checked her data again. Nothing changed.
So, I am confident for now, but this is pure science. And in science, you can never be sure you're right, you can only be sure you're wrong. So, this hack is safe until proven otherwise.

Ok, how to use it?

1. Get an object from buy mode and place it somewhere. Bulletin board is in Decorations->Wall hangings. Diary is in Misc.->Misc.
2. Have young adult click the interaction (show). The game will pause.
3. Open the job panel. If it's already opened, toggle it to refresh.
4. To revert back to major/classes panel, either click the interaction (hide), or just un-pause the game, or leave live mode.
One object allows to view 2 students at a time.
Don't do "force error - delete" on this object at the very moment you're viewing student's job panel in live mode. Not that you would, but hey. I also wouldn't click the mod at the very moment of age transition from young adult to adult, just to be on a safe side.

Need a helmet?

Having University EP should be enough. But since I'm on Ultimate Collection, it's best for you to try it out in a testing hood, if you don't have all the EPs.

Wait, but are young adults even allowed to have a job?

Yes, with some help of in-game cheats (testingcheatsenabled) or custom hacks, like my Jobs in Uni mod here.

Less scary details

Bulletin board references mesh and texture from the same maxis one that comes from Uni.

With diary, I went a bit further, it has its own mesh and textures. It is basically resized and recolored photo album. Mesh has the same polycount as original BV album, it's just smaller. Five recolors included: black, blue, green, yellow, pink.

Enjoy and please let me know, if something isn't right.

Additional Credits:
Creators of the Sims 2 as a whole and used meshes and textures in particular. SimPE as a wonderful tool. ModTheSims as a knowledge database and hosting. Blender - meshing tool.
CaliBrat, lientebollemeis, Rosebine, SIMelissa, gummilutt, PenelopeT, Duine, gdayars as Creator Feedback Forum squad that hangs around with me while I make stuff for students.
Mootilda for Uni hood I'm playing in.
Photoscape, Fraps and whatnot.