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Uploaded 14th Nov 2017 at 4:42 AM · Updated 10th Apr 2020 at 11:49 PM by simler90 : UPDATE 10

- Fixed an issue which allowed the player to initiate the Sell Medicine interaction after making virus.
- Sims can now get a mysterious disease while making virus.
- Slightly increased the time it takes to make medicine, and slightly decreased the time it takes to make virus.

UPDATE 9: This mod now has 5 resources that technically conflict with my Spy Machine Mod, but there is no actual conflict, as the resources are exact copies of each other. It doesn't matter which mod loads first, either.
- You can now sell the virus vial, but only as long as the vial is still on the Biotech Station. A new interaction called Sell Virus will appear when you click on the Biotech Station, and you will earn quite a bit of money depending on the potency of the virus. However, there is a chance that you may get busted by the police. The chance gets higher the more virus vials you sell through a particular Biotech Station. If you do get busted, you will be charged 7500 simoleons. If you don't have the money, your objects will be repossessed.

- When Sim A gives medicine/virus to Sim B, Sim B will wait for half a sim-second before drinking for smoother animations.
- I have once again increased the time it takes to make virus.

UPDATE 7: Medicine still decreased the severity of morning sickness when sims themselves drank the medicine. This has been fixed.

- Medicine doesn't decrease the severity of morning sickness any more.
- Making virus takes even longer now.

UPDATE 5: The value of the virus is now 0 simoleons.

UPDATE 4: There is now only one version of this mod which requires OFB and later.
- When Sim A gives medicine/virus to Sim B, the animations should be smoother. Before this update, when Sim B picked up the vial from Sim A, the game played animations and sounds as if Sim B was picking up the vial from a counter.
- Virus is not sellable any more. Making virus takes much longer now.
- Now that I know more about OFB, this update makes it so that the game considers the vial as a preserve-token. This makes it so that if a customer has picked up any vial in an OFB business and then dropped their bag on the floor, when the owner, employees or a CleanBot picks up the bag, the game will return the vials to the owner's inventory. This is how craftables and harvestables work on OFB businesses.

UPDATE 3: This is an update I've been planning on making for a while, and here it is:
- When Sim A performs the Give Medicine interaction on Sim B, Sim B needs to have 10 or higher attracted STR towards Sim A to accept.
- Completely changed the way the game decides if the Give Virus interaction is successful or not. When Sim A performs the Give Virus interaction on Sim B, Sim B needs to have 10 or higher attracted STR towards Sim A, if so then the following formula is used to decide the result: SimBAttractedSTR/2 + (SimACharisma - SimBLogic)/10 - SimBNumberofCurrentDiseases*5. The more diseases Sim B has, the harder it gets to deceive the target. Just one thing, if Sim B has one single disease, then the number of current diseases won't have an effect on the result. Here is an example: Sim A has 500 Charisma, Sim B has 350 Logic, Sim B's attracted STR towards Sim A is 90 and Sim B has 2 diseases: 45 + 15 - 10 = 50% chance to succeed.
- If Sim B rejects the Give Virus interaction, Sim B will get furious at Sim A, so be careful with this interaction.
- When the Give Medicine or Give Virus interaction is rejected, sims don't bother walking around trying to find a place to put the Medicine/Virus down, now they put the Vial into their inventory.
- Changed the reject animations for Give Medicine/Virus.

UPDATE 2: This update makes the Biotech Station the coolest career reward in the entire game. This update is only for the new version Biotech Station - Fixes, New Virus Gameplay and Pharmacy Business. I will not be updating the Base Game and University version. Here is UPDATE 2:
- Added proper Teen/Adult/Elder animations to the Give Medicine/Virus to interactions.
- Added an approval animation to the Put Vial Into Inventory interaction. This is necessary, because there was a rare case where if you were playing in the fastest speed, the Put Vial Into Inventory interaction on the Biotech Station would put the Vial into the sim's inventory without the Vial's mesh, because the Vial undergoes a mesh change from the Vial rack to a single vial, and the game doesn't have enough time to render it on the fastest speed. The problem was not caused by the mod itself, it was because of the game's own restrictions. This extra animation should completely fix this issue.
- Maxis made the Make Medicine interaction take 15 loops, no matter what. But, they made it so that the Make Virus interaction's loops depend on the sim's Logic skill, despite the fact that a sim can only Make Virus if they have more than 800 Logic points. I don't like this at all. I made it so that the Make Medicine interaction now takes fewer loops to complete as your sim's Logic skill increases. If a sim has 0 Logic, it takes 20 loops, if the sim has full Logic, then it takes 10 loops. Make Virus also takes a bit longer to complete now, because the Virus' price is higher. Basically, the higher your sim's Logic, the faster they complete making Medicine and Virus.
- If Medicine or Virus is out of stock in a business, and you try to restock it, you will get the generic "No more of these items in the owner's inventory" message, instead of the craftable text. This is much better.
- Completely redesigned the Give Medicine/Virus to interaction. Now, the 5 Logic restriction and so on are not applied to the pie-menu of the Biotech Station. You can perform the Give Medicine/Virus to interaction on any playable, housed sim who is currently sick. What happens is that your sim picks the Vial and tries to give it to a sim, and if the target sim does not pass the following checks, then the interaction gets rejected, and the sims' relationship is decreased. There are proper accept/reject animations for the interaction. It is very cool. These are the checks that the interaction needs to pass to succeed:
- Give Medicine to: Your own sim needs to have at least 0 STR and 0 LTR with the target sim in order for that sim to come up as an option on the Biotech Station. If the target sim has 50 STR or more with your sim, then the interaction will succeed, and if less than 50 STR, it will fail.
- Give Virus to: Your own sim's relationship with the target sim does not matter. The target sim must have 50 STR or more with your sim, otherwise the interaction will get rejected. If the target has 50 STR or more, then your sim's Charisma skill gets subtracted from the target's Logic skill, and if the result is 0 or higher, then the interaction will fail, if less than 0, then it will succeed. Basically, your own sim's Charisma skill needs to be higher than the target's Logic skill in order for the interaction to succeed. Do not forget that 1 bar in the Skills UI actually means 100 skill points. So, a sim with 4 Logic bars may have anywhere from 400 to 499 skill points. For example, if your sim's Charisma is 450 and the target's Logic is 449, then your sim will succeed in giving the Virus.

UPDATE 1: There are two versions of this mod now:

Biotech Station - Fixes, New Virus Gameplay and Pharmacy Business: This is the new version and is for those players who have Nightlife or later. You also need OFB to fully make use of the new features. I consider this version the main mod, and anyone who has Nightlife or a later EP should get this version.

Biotech Station - Fixes and New Virus Gameplay (For Base Game and University): This is for Base Game and University players. I have all EPs and SPs, and that is how I make my mods, I cannot guarantee that my mods will work with previous EPs, but I do what I can. I have not received any reports in the comments section about incompatibility, so I am guessing everything works.

This is what UPDATE 1 does:
- (Both Versions) Modified the Function Main BHAV so that the Vial does not expire any more. After creating Medicine or Virus, if you were to leave it on the Biotech Station for a while, you would not be able to take it, and if you clicked on the Biotech Station, it would give you pie-menu options as if the Vial did not exist, but the Vial would be visually there. Now, the Vial will stay intact.
- (Both Versions) Made it so that when you perform the Give Medicine/Virus to interactions, the target sim will stop whatever they are doing in order to drink. Maxis set the priority of this social to autonomous priority, which is ridiculous. I set it to user-driven priority when I first made this mod, but honestly even that is not enough. Now, it is considered maximum priority, as it should be.
- (New Version Only) Created a new interaction on the Biotech Station and the Vial: Put Vial Into Inventory. The Biotech Station and the Vial desperately needed this interaction. Now, you can simply put the Vial into your inventory. If the Biotech Station or the Vial is on an owned business lot, then the Put Vial Into Inventory interaction will put the Vial into the owner's inventory, just like Maxis craftables, harvestables and so on.
- (New Version Only) Pharmacy business is now possible. Both the medicine and the virus are now sellable, and this is how it works:
Maxis made it so that the Vial's value is determined dynamically during the Make Medicine interaction. The problem is that this dynamic price does not lend itself well to OFB businesses. Every Maxis sellable item has a set price, and in order to get the restocking functionality right, the Vial also needs a set price. Additionally, Maxis did not bother to calculate any value for the Virus, so its price in an unmodded game is 0. So, I have changed how the game calculates the Vial's price:
- If the Vial is strong medicine (dark blue), its price is 200. Strong medicine can only be restocked by strong medicine.
- If the Vial is moderate medicine (light blue), its price is 100. Moderate medicine can only be restocked by moderate medicine.
- If the Vial is strong virus (bright green), its price is 400. Strong virus can only be restocked by strong virus.
- If the Vial is moderate virus (light green), its price is 200. Moderate virus can only be restocked by moderate virus.
Now, it is perfectly possible to open a pharmacy business.


I released a Biotech Station related mod recently which simply made it so that the game checks the sim's aspiration score instead of the mood bar to decide if the sim can perform the "Take Virus" interaction on the Biotech Station. Back then, I did not know how broken and unfinished this object is. In fact, I think it is the most broken and unfinished object in the entire game. I have been working on fixing every single problem with the Biotech Station for the past few days, and this is the mod that I have made. Before I tell you what this mod does, I'll first tell you how the Biotech Station works in an unmodded game.


- Sims can Make Medicine which produces a Medicine Vial, with a potency (the darker the blue colour, the more potent the Medicine) based on the sim's Logic, Nice, Hygiene etc. Before the Freetime patch, the Take Medicine interaction (only available to sick sims older than child) did not work. Maxis fixed this in the Freetime patch and carried it forward with Apartment Life and M&G, so that the Medicine reduces the severity value of the sick sim, bringing them closer to recovery.
- Sims can perform the Give Medicine to interaction to give the medicine to children, because children cannot Take Medicine on their own. This cute interaction, unfortunately, does not have any gameplay effect, that is, it does not reduce the severity value of the child's disease. The code that controls Give Medicine to is still the exact same pre-Freetime Take Medicine code, so it doesn't work at all. It's just a bunch of cute animations.
- If a sim performs the Give Medicine to interaction, they will be queued the Give Vial interaction which is the actual interaction between the sim and the child. If the Give Vial interaction times out or the player cancels the interaction, the sim will put the Vial on a flat surface (counter, table etc.), or the ground, directly separating the Vial from the Biotech Station. If the Vial is put anywhere other than the floor, it will periodically give a "Slot number out of range" error. The Vial has two interactions on it: Take Medicine and Give Medicine to. If you Take Medicine on the Vial, your sim will drink the Medicine, but it won't have any effect on their disease, because Maxis did not bother fixing it, either. If you Give Medicine to, you will get a "Could not find object reference" error, which will make your sim jump-error, and lose the Medicine in the process.
- If a sim has Logic>8, they can also Make Virus which produces a Virus Vial, with a potency (the brighter the green colour, the more potent the Virus) based on the sim's Logic, Grouchy etc. If a sim has a mood lower than -50, they can perform the Take Virus interaction, which gives the sim the Mysterious Disease. This seems to be a kind of suicide.

This mod fixes all of these issues and adds new gameplay:


- This mod includes Maxis' Freetime fix of the Take Medicine interaction on the Biotech Station. Note that Maxis only fixed this single interaction on the Biotech Station. They did not fix anything else.
- This mod fixes the Give Medicine to interaction, so that when the sim drinks the Medicine, they will have the severity value of their disease reduced. In order to be able to Give Medicine to, the drinking sim needs to have more than 50 STR and 5 LTR with the giving sim. Maxis' own formula is used to determine how much the Medicine reduces the severity of the disease. Anyone child and older can be given the Medicine now, not just children (non-child animations look funny, but believe me they are not that bad at all, you have to see them).
- This mod fixes the Vial's "Slot number out of range" error (from Function - Main BHAV), and it also fixes the Vial's "Could not find object reference" error (from the Give Medicine to BHAV, because Maxis left the code unfinished, I copy/pasted their code from the Biotech Station's Give Medicine to, and everything works).
- This mod makes it so that the game checks the sim's aspiration score instead of the sim's mood bar to determine if they can "Take Virus". The mood bar does not indicate depression or sadness, it is the Aspiration bar that indicates that. So, obviously the game should check the sim's Aspiration bar.


Did you know that Maxis intended to put Virus gameplay on the Biotech Station? If you check the Biotech Station's STR resources, you'll see pie-menu text such as "Give Virus to". However, there is not a single line of code related to Give Virus to. I went ahead and added the necessary coding in addition to taking Maxis' own coding where necessary, and adding the lines to connect everything properly. Here is the new gameplay:

Sims (teen and older) can now perform the Give Virus to interaction, to give the virus to sims children and older. The interaction is available both on the Biotech Station and the Vial. The idea is that you trick the sim into drinking Virus, while they think they are drinking Medicine. The person who drinks the Virus will get the Mysterious Disease (the brighter the green colour, the more serious the Mysterious Disease will be). In order for the target sim's name to come up in the pie-menu options, the target sim needs to pass some checks:
- The sim needs to be already sick. Nobody would drink a vial full of green stuff just randomly. As I have said, the idea is to trick a sick sim into drinking Virus, while making them think that it is Medicine they are drinking.
- The sim needs to have less than 5 Logic. The idea is that if they have Logic 5 or more, they are too smart for your little tricks.
- The sim needs to be a playable sim. Townies and NPCs cannot be given the Virus, because Maxis made is so that Townies and NPCs are not supposed to get sick. You can only get recovery points when you are on a livable lot, and townies and NPCs do not have a house.
- The sim's relationship with the giving sim needs to be more than 50 STR and 5 LTR in order for their name to come up in the pie-menu options. If you don't have at least some kind of relationship, nobody would just agree to drink stuff from your own hands.

Do not forget that a sim can get multiple diseases, including multiple Mysterious Diseases. Medicine only decreases the severity of one of the diseases, until that disease is cured. Then, drinking more medicine will start decreasing the severity of the other diseases, again one by one. That is how Maxis designed it, and I like it. You can keep making and giving Virus to sims, and they will get multiple Mysterious Diseases. Once you switch to the sick sim's household, you will need to make that sim rest for a long, long time.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR in order to unrar this mod.

This mod modifies the following resources in objects.package. Any other mod that modifies these resources will conflict with this mod:

Interaction - Take Medicine/Group:0x7FBBB002/Instance:0x0000100D
Interaction - Take Medicine - TEST/Group:0x7FBBB002/Instance:0x0000100F
Interaction - Give to Sim/Group:0x7FBBB002/Instance:0x0000100A
Interaction - Give to Sim - TEST /Group:0x7FBBB002/Instance:0x0000100B
Function - Main/Group:0x7FBBB002/Instance:0x00001001
Sub - Make Sim Sick/Group:0x7FBBB002 Instance:0x0000101A (added by me, Maxis code)
Dialog Primitive Strings/Group:0x7FBBB002/Instance:0x0000012D (added by me, Maxis text)
[Text Lists]/Group:0x7FBBB002/Instance:0x0000012E
Tuning - Give Medicine - Req. Rels./Group:0x7FBBB002/Instance:0x00001001
Social Tree Table/Group:0x7FB65D67/Instance:0x00000080
Interaction - Person A/Group:0x7FB65D67/Instance:0x00001000
Interaction - Person B/Group:0x7FB65D67/0Instance:0x00001001
Sub - Make Sim Sick/Group:0x7FB65D67/Instance:0x0000101A (added by me, Maxis code)
Dialog Primitive Strings/Group:0x7FB65D67/Instance:0x0000012D (added by me, Maxis text)
Anims - Adult/Group:0x7FB65D67/Instance:0x00000081 (not modified, for now)
Anims - Child/Group:0x7FB65D67/Instance:0x00000082 (not modified, for now)
Tuning - Give Medicine - Req. Rels./Group:0x7F37F90B/Instance:0x00001003
Interaction - Give To Sim/Group:0x7F37F90B/Instance:0x00001007
Interaction - Give To Sim - TEST/Group:0x7F37F90B/Instance:0x00001014
Interaction - Take Medicine/Virus/Group:0x7F37F90B/Instance:0x00001017
Interaction - Take Medicine/Virus - TEST/Group:0x7F37F90B/Instance:0x00001015