~ Summer the self-sim ~ revised, reshaped and redone

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2017 at 12:29 AM
Updated: 10th May 2022 at 12:39 PM

So, we've had lots and lots of wonderful new sliders over a few recent months and I felt an urge to redo some of my sims to make them, perhaps, even prettier or even closer to their irl prototypes. I don't know if I will do this to ALL of my pixel folks, but I certainly wanted to redo my selfie... and I finally had the guts to give her a figure closer to my actual one, too. Yay, I guess?

Okay, so, Summer comes with an outfit on a Momma Lisa mesh by JulieJ and a lovely skintone made showerproof for the corresponding nude mesh by yours truly (original found here - author's Tumblr seems to be removed, but the skin is still accessible through the direct download link). Speaking of, nude meshes are included in the archive for your convenience, since Sims2Graveyard that hosts Frannysims' files, is currently down due to server issues. I take no credit for them, ofc. Oh, by the way, it was my first time operating with bodyshapes/making showerproof skintones, so everything should function fine... but if it doesn't, let me know, I'll try to track the issue down and fix it!

I threw the outfit together from a jean romper I borrowed from MissTiikeri's "Every inch of you" set (found here in her archive folder on MediaFire), and a jumper texture I conjured up myself quickhandedly in Photoshop. Pattern used for the tights decals is Ur Always With Me by Shy_Violet & anneclairdelune.

Since BodyShop doesn't include accessory meshes into the sims2pack, don't forget to grab the mesh for the collar acc Summer's wearing at Cassis' blog here

Summer is a friendly gal in her middle twenties who needs a bit of help maturing and finding her place in life. Will you help her do that?
Treat her well and I hope you enjoy playing with her!

I learned that finding a good assortment of clothes for curvy chicks can be problematic (how realistic and lifelike goddamnit), so if you'd like to bring some size diversity into your hood by downloading Summer, check under the spoiler for some places to stock you up on MommaLisa clothes:

Have fun!

Custom Content by Me:
- Summer's face
- Summer's outfit

Custom Content Included:
- Electric - Thick Eyebrows by MissTiikeri (retired)
- Jesstheex KIAI eyeset Recolor by Trapping @ UYS
- Subtle Changes Blush (highlight) by Lina(Trapping)
- Subtle Changes Blush (shade) by Lina(Trapping)
- Threehundred Nosemask in Light rose by Lilith
- Miranda Enhancement set - noseside by Amaryll @ GOS
- Miranda Enhancement set - mouthcorners by Amaryll @ GOS
- Miranda Enhancement set - chinpoint by Amaryll @ GOS
- Poppy Lips by Lilith
- Keira's Lashes by bruno
- Just Shadow - Light by bruno
- Deer collar (white) by Cassis aka 0201-sims
- Blush Hairline 1 in Safety Fuse by Lilith
- Noonie Baby Face skintone by Noonie (blog removed)
- Peggy 8021 in Safety Fuse by Kill
- Peggy 8021 hair mesh by Peggy (site dead)
- MESH Alpha dress morphs w/sneakers by JulieJ

Additional Credits:
Lowedeus, for letting me chew his ear off about how difficult it is to pose curvy sims and find clothes for them
All the creators of new sliders that made Summer's new face possible
Tashiketh aka Delphy, for making a place to learn and share our creations