"Skye's the limit" - Susan Skye, the face of SBN daytime broadcasting

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Susan Skye - Behind blue eyes

"Miss Skye has been known as a very private person who rarely gives out any details about her private life. Despite her friendly and open on-set appeal, she's pretty shy in real life. Those blue eyes have seen a lot, though... read on to find out!

It might be surprising to hear, but what taught little Susan Applegate the hardships of life was her childhood. The yet-to-be TV star never knew who her parents were, she grew up in Desiderata Valley orphanage.

Elder children aren't usually the ones to get adopted, but at the age of 12 Susan got lucky to find a foster family, who showered her with love and care the girl needed so much. They weren't exactly the richest family on earth though, so both of the parents worked hard to provide for the new family member. Susan moved in with them at Sim City and that's where the story of her involvement with television begins...

It's noteworthy that Applegate's new dad was an SBN employee, he worked as a cameraman on the daytime drama As The Heart Beats set, so Susan's school homework was often done not at home, but in SBN locker rooms, and instead of watching TV she watched the action unfold live right in front of her. This way she was always in sight of her father, looked for, safe and entertained.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and the same is true for every child on Earth, including young Susan. She wasn't exactly the most vocal kid in class, so she didn't have much friends, and the filming stage props were her toys and playmates. The filming breaks, when everyone left the set, were her playtime and she acted out hundreds of different scenes her young mind could imagine, until one day, as Susan was delivering a passionate love speech to the surgical dummy, a soap opera director happened to enter the set, searching for someone...

The director was so captured by Applegate's acting, that he stayed silent, listening to her for a while, and then came up to the girl to know who she was. After a brief exchange, he went to find her father and promised to speak a word for her if she'd ever like an internship at SBN.

Susan made several appearances as an extra in various SBN soap operas, but she seemed to obviously want more. She has been an intern for Layla Carrigan, the infamous weather forecaster, who caused a divorce rate increase in 2007, the year she first appeared on the screens, then she was Alec Laffin's favourite screenwriter...and, finally, when the heads of the production floor were searching for a new daytime talk show host, Mr Laffin spoke for her.

"This girl knows what's the deal, she's been bolilng in that same pan with all of us since her teens. Give her a chance, trust me, she knows what makes them click".

With whole new enthusiasm, Susan started on her new duties. Soon, a whole new, reworked talk show concept was presented and she took a pseudonym, turning from Susan Applegate to Susan Skye.

That's how "Skye's the limit" was born. These days, Susan concentrates on interviewing young and talented rising stars of music, artistic, acting and fashion industry, because for their popularity and talent there are no limits, not even sky.

Tune in at 10 am every morning for a new episode!

Superstar Report special reporter Summer Goldstein, 04.05.2017"

First of all, guys, my apologies it took me so long to work on Susan's background! I wanted her to be more than just a pretty face and I'm really satisfied with her story. I hope you will like the new lady in your game, I recall there were a few people interested in her ever since she appeared "interviewing" Ed Sheeran. Here she comes, treat her well, please!

Thanks to Zarathustra for his really wonderful Sims Broadcasting Studio that inspired me to make Susan!

Susan comes in two looks - choose one or grab both!

The Host:

Stop by CuriousB's jewellery shop to get these lovely earrings for a feminine touch.
Then pay a visit to XMSims optician to get beautiful brand glasses to adorn Susan's face and help her see better! You will need the model XMS_Flora_Acc007_Mesh at the bottom of the shop window


Miss Skye recommends getting a matching bracelet for the earrings at CuriousB's, as well as the Cristal Cat Eye spectacles from Pinketamine's eyewear boutique.

Custom Content by Me:
- Susan's face

Custom Content Included:
- Brow set 6-brown by dm, binned by CatOfEvilGenius by CatOfEvilGenius
- KyliEyes - Made of Glass by bruno
- Lip Glaze - Pink Cupcake by bruno
- Kajal - Anneli (grey) by bruno
- Cosmopolitan eyeshadow in Sydney by bruno
- Subtle Changes Blush (highlight) by Lina(Trapping)
- Subtle Changes Blush (shade) by Lina(Trapping)
- {DH}Blush - Infused With Love by Dolores_Haze
- Lemonleaf Candy Earrings ~ Liquorice Allsorts ~ by CuriousB
- XY-playful dark framed reading eyewear by icedmango
- Apple Pie Skinblend - light by Lilith
- Newsea Sakura in Primer by Kotangens
- Newsea Sakura MESH fixed for all ages by Trapping
- Primrose - Skirt suit for AF by Yuxi
- Primrose - Skirt suit MESH by Yuxi
- Doll Face - French Poodle by bruno
- Cherie Shadow - Something Old by bruno
- Lemonleaf Candy Bracelet ~ Liquorice Allsorts ~ by CuriousB
- Tamo Cristal Cat Eyes - Black by pinketamine
- NewSea Chain Reaction in Serqet by Martini
- NewSea Chain Reaction MESH fixed for all ages by Martini
- Anomaly in Dusk by Xandher
- Runway Mesh by Simal

Additional Credits:
Create chat folks for feedback on the sim ^^
Zarathustra, for inspiration on Susan's story and a wonderful lot to use as a picture-taking set.
Delphy, for making a place to learn and share our creations. =)