Coat Rack Shelf

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Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2017 at 8:01 PM
This is a derivation of the base game's "Row of Coat Hooks" wall decoration. It has been converted into a decorative coat rack and working shelf! There are five swatches: brown, "Maxis white" (AKA grey), really dark brown, white, and black. It can be found in surfaces>shelving for $150.

The shelf itself has five working slots, but the hooks are decoration only. In order to "hang" stuff from it, you must have "Move Objects" on. You can do this by either using the shift+ctrl+c command and typing bb.moveobjects, or use this mod:

After you make sure that "Move Objects" is on, take your item, preferably one that snaps to the wall, hold alt, and place it over one of the hooks. If it doesn't snap to the wall, use the 9 key to raise the item, put it where you want it to hang, and then use alt to move the SHELF so that a hook is positioned under the item.

You may do anything with this object just as long as you do not upload it to paysites, use link shorteners, and I'd like to see it uploaded to this site. Credit to me is optional.

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