Intellectual Illusion Wall Shelf

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Uploaded: 28th Apr 2015 at 4:49 AM
So, I seem to have a thing for shelves! Here is the Intellectual Illusion Wall-Mounted Bookshelves converted to a display shelf.

By default there is space for seven small and two medium sized objects. However, using the bb.moveobjects cheat gives you more freedom placing items on it, and you can fit some larger objects, as well. The cheat is required if you want to place all the items like in my screenshots.

You can place the shelf at the same height as the original bookcase, but you can also place it higher or lower, like other display shelves.

If you use plasticbox's Readable Books on it, it also functions as a bookshelf! I also recommend her Modular Plants to have more stuff to place on the shelves.

If you leave some empty space on the shelf, sims will use it to put down things like books they finished reading, just like they put them down on Maxis wall shelves.

The mesh has been edited and re-mapped, but it uses the same textures (diffuse and specular maps) as the original bookcase, and they are linked to it, not included in the package. The color options are the same as the bookcase's, and the design tool also works on this.

You can find it in the Displays section of the Surfaces catalog for the price of 70 simoleons. The catalog name is Intellectual Illusion Wall-Mounted Shelf.

Polygon Counts:
100 vertices and 50 polygons (96 vertices and 48 polygons for the sunshadow)

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio, Blender and Photoshop CC