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LEKSVIK Dining Chair Cushion Recolors

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Uploaded: 14th Dec 2017 at 12:45 PM
Updated: 30th Jan 2019 at 3:54 AM - added link to table recolors; clarity of title
Having done a recolor for the wood parts of the LEKSVIK coffee table , I then realized that the chair that goes with it, from Michelle's LEKSVIK addon-set, had a seat that deserved equal attention. So I bring to you a full color-palette set of chair cushions.

Please note that at the moment, her mesh shows up in the catalogue with the Zecutime Social name, rather than the correct LEKSVIK name. That can be a wee bit confusing, and I've let her know about it, but for the moment, you'll just have to remember that. It's under Buy > comfort > dining chairs, for §235.

You will need the IKEA stuff pack for this, since the wood parts of the chair are slaved to the LEKSVIK coffee table.