Avy's Sliding Glass Door

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Uploaded 7th Feb 2018 at 11:50 PM

Well, I wanted to learn to make sliding doors and jumped headfirst into it. Yeah... look before you leap. I succeeded in doing everything possible wrong at least once and, as a result, ended up learning quite a lot about sliding doors. Enough, in fact, that I was able to make a few different versions instead of just the one tile door I originally set out to make. Proudly presenting: Avy's Sliding Glass Door Set

All these doors take up four tiles in your game (2 tiles on either side of wall, so "2-tile door"). The main door has two doors that open outward like a pocket door, but instead of disappearing into the wall, the doors slide visibly along the outside of the North wall (the side the green arrows on the placement tiles point to). You want to be careful placing this door, since the glass doors move outside the placement tiles they might clip wall hangings, furniture, windows or even protrude from the house. The Single doors are better at "staying inside the lines" and shouldn't interfere with other objects.

All three doors have working diagonal versions. This was harder than I expected, especially for the left single door. Thanks to Boblishman's secret door and leefish's supercool Star Trek Door , I was able to stare at CRES hierarchies for DAYS until finally figuring out how to make these doors do what they needed to do to work right.

Also, ( this is important) the single doors and all the diagonals are slaved to the AvySlidingGlassDoor package, which is the repository object. This means that only the main door has any textures included and all the other doors draw their textures from the main door. So, whether you intend to use it or not, the main (double) door MUST be in your downloads folder for any of the others to show up correctly in the game.
Glass is more opaque than usual to give a modicum of privacy.
A metal stop is provided at the foot of frame to guide glass and keep it from coming off the rail.
All frames are black wood, just like in Avy's house. (Sorry, only two recolorable subsets allowed).
Hardware, consisting of oversized handles, hanging apparati, and metal stop, are recolorable. Current choices are Aluminum, darksteel, and brass.
Glass is available in six frosted colors: white, black, maxisblue, rose, green and amber.

[B]Known issues:[/B]
There are a few peculiarities with the animations, which are pretty much expected and known glitches:
Sometimes the diagonals will do a weird double open/close animation.
A lot of times, the opening animation is slower than the sim, and sim seems to walk through door a split second before it opens.
Do not despair if you have trouble grabbing the doors. Just place yhour hand cursor on the handles or the frame to grab. The glass doors are not included in the NoShadow statements, so they can't be grabbed, even though they are indeed in the bounding box.

Technical Data:

In-game prices:
AvyGlassSlidingDoor 427
AvyGlassSlidingDoorLeft 282
AvyGlassSlidingDoorRight 282

face count:
AvyGlassSlidingDoor 1303
AvyGlassSlidingDoorLeft 771
AvyGlassSlidingDoorRight 771

Catalog Location:

All textures are Eaxis, with some manipulation in GIMP and SimPE Tools used:
Blender 2.79
GIMP 2.8.2 SimPE Trusty old TI-35 calculator

Polygon Counts:

doorframeN 207
doorframeS 96
r_door_n 294
r_door_s 206
l_door_n 294
l_door_s 206


doorframeN 173
doorframeS 94
r_door_n 2
r_door_s 2
l_door_n 294
l_door_s 206


doorframeN 207
doorframeS 96
r_door_n 294
r_door_s 206
l_door_n 2
l_door_s 2

Additional Credits:
Tashiketh - for the wealth of knowledge and groovy people that is MTS
Quaxi - We all know this would be practically impossible without SimPE, right?
Numenor & RGiles - for the CEP Boblishman, leefish - for figuring it out the hard way
HugeLunatic, AdonisPluto - for helping me get unstuck
jfade - for the Compressorizer
Jasana_BugBreeder & phoenix_phaerie - forthis enlightening conversation on manipulating animations