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Better Services – NO "Upfront Cost"

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Uploaded: 8th Mar 2018 at 10:27 PM
What's in the mod

There are no more upfront costs, for all the services. Plus: some days and times are changed, look below for other details.

Detailed list with other changes:
  • Repair: 30 per hour, Mon/Sun, 30 min to arrive
  • Gardener: 40 per hour, Mon/Sat, 60 min to arrive
  • Maid: 20 per hour, Mon/Sat, 60 min to arrive
  • Nanny: 10 per hour, Mon/Sun, 15 min to arrive
  • Butler: 20 per hour, Mon/Sun, 120 min to arrive (Only in SP9)

Please note:
  • The mod comes in two versions: BG for the base game, SP9 for the "Vintage Glamor" stuff pack (it comes with the improved Butler). Remember to download only ONE version.
  • This is a override mod. If you have another mod that change services' prices/hours/days, you have to delete it in order to download this one.

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