Modern Tile Set Go! And More, Matching Floors.

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Uploaded: 7th Mar 2018 at 4:29 AM
Updated: 20th Apr 2018 at 2:42 PM
May I present you with 16 new ceramic tile Floors today?

This was made specially for jtf04240 who discovered that there was No ceramic floors in solid colors to match the Modern Tile Set Go! Tile Walls.
He needed a..Silver, a Red, a Blue and a Green floor! Also, there is No small tiled Black floor to match the small tiled Black wall, and No multi-color tiled floor to match the multi-color tiled wall...
What is this contraption?

Well now there is...And More!

Every one of them comes in small tiles, but the multi-color and the 4 colors matching the original Modern Tile Set Go! walls have also been made in larger tiles. Just for fun.
You will find them all in Floors/Tile Category for 5§ each.
They all have a marble sound when Sims walk on them.

I hope you will enjoy your new floors.

Additional Credits:
SimPE, PaintShop Pro, The Sims 2 for all the textures and of course jtf04240 who came up with the idea.