Omar Goddard

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Uploaded: 26th Mar 2018 at 2:41 AM
Omar is the kind of guy that you could comfortably introduce your parents to. He is creative and good hearted, preferring the library over the bar. He aspires to be a best selling author and his idea of making it is seeing his name on a book.



Aspiration - Bestselling Author

Custom Content (required for the sim to appear as he does. All CC is linked to his tray files, but not included in the upload):

(Skin used is NSFW)

Uses items from Cats and Dogs, Get Together, Spa Day, Laundry Day Stuff, Movie Hangout Stuff and Perfect Patio Stuff. If anything isn't credited, it is either from the base game or one of these packs.

He will only show up in your Library if you tick "Include Custom Content".