Hellfrozeover's Base Sim Collection No. 1

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Uploaded: 30th Mar 2018 at 4:20 AM
Updated: 30th Mar 2018 at 4:02 PM - Adding more sims

This is something that I've wanted to do for a while. While I love creating sims, sometimes I like to have a nice, easy starting point or just want to create some quick background sims for my game without spending too much time sculpting them. With that in mind, I created these bases and decided to share them

I would normally show my sims' outfits, but these sims are all dressed identically in bland TS4 base clothing, so you're not missing much! This means that they're ready for you to give them personalities!

They are fairly low CC, although I do use default replacements in my game and I have used a couple of CC items that I can't live without. I have linked the CC used in the spoilers below as the skin is NSFW.

This is an example of the difference that you can make with some CC and personalisation!

CC used in this example:

I really hope that you enjoy using these sims and giving them personalities and lives in your game! All I ask is that you don't reupload them as your own.

These sims will work with the base game, but they use hairstyles from Cats and Dogs, Get Together, Jungle Adventure, Fitness Stuff and Backyard Stuff.

Remember to check "Include Custom Content".

Worth noting: While a regular household of one or two sims generally has two tray files, there are a few more given the size of this household, but i have double checked it and it is simply due to the amount of sims

30/03/18 - Added four trans bases as an additional file.