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Uploaded: 6th May 2018 at 11:45 PM
Today I am offering you a conversion of The Twinbrook Tandem Pet House from The Sims 3 for use in your Sims 4 game.
I know it's been converted already by others but this one has TS4 Maxis-match textures and no clipping when pets use it.

The Twinbrook Tandem Pet House comes in a total of 12 colour choices as can be seen in the attached images. The wooden siding texture has been taken from TS4 wooden siding already in the game and so should match perfectly. There are also a few additional colours such as purple and green.

I have added a slight shine to the window panels which looks quite nice, as well as making the metal chimney top slightly reflective.

Large dogs, small dogs, and cats call ALL sleep in this pet house. It can only be used by one pet at a time though. This means that the object also uses a custom tuning.

Pets will only enter the object from the front, as intended. They should not be able to jump through the walls.

The pet house can be found under the Pets Object sort or any of the pet icons found in Room sort for a cost of 475 simoleons.

Installation - Important
Inside the .zip archive there are two files.
If you DO NOT already have my Low Country Living Pet House conversion in your game then install BOTH files as the tuning is required for the object to work. Otherwise you will just have a pretty decorative object that can't be used.
If you DO already have my Low Country Living Pet House conversion in your game then you do not need to use the tuning file as it is already included in the previous pet house.

Pets may stand at any side of the pet house when attempting to shoo another pet from it.
When a Sim directs a pet to use the house, they may clip their hand through the wall or roof depending on where they stand for the interaction. See the attached image.

Polygon Counts:
LOD0 (High) - 1728
LOD1 (Medium) - 893

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop,