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22 Toboggan Way, Bluewater Village ~ Maxis Remodel - Now as Apartments

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Uploaded: 28th May 2018 at 6:22 PM
Updated: 28th May 2018 at 6:38 PM

These are NOT cookie-cutter apartment units! Each unit has a completely different configuration. Units range in size/capacity from 1 sleeper in a coffin to 4 sleepers on two double beds. Please scroll through all the pictures to see individual apartment floor plans. Below is the Basement level plan: The basement features a game room with a fully stocked drinks bar and the lounge area with a unique pool view. It also houses the lower level of the 'Green" apartment, and the daylight sheltered 'Red' apartment - built with vamps in mind

Please NOTE: If you swap out the original house with this apartment building, the basement WILL flood! Apparently Bluewater Village is in a major flood zone! What were those EAxian City Planners thinking?!? Basements are a real problem in this area, unless you adjust the terrain ahead of time. The last 2 pictures explain how to raise the terrain for this lot and stop the flooded basements. If you put this lot in any other neighborhood - or on higher ground in Bluewater - you will not have flooding issues.

This is a clean copy if the lot - no Sim has set foot in it. The lot has been play-tested; everything is accessible and in good working order. Invisible smoke alarms are under range hoods in the kitchens and by the outdoor grills, phones are on the walls in central areas, and burglar alarms are at front doors. Each apartment is fully furnished - with plenty of space for your sim to personalize things with their own paintings and other decos... Welcome to your new apartment!

Necessary, and NOT included - GO get them:
Backless Tub/Shower and the Cheap Shower by HL @ MTS2
IKEA Expedit 1-Tile Desk by HL @ Sims2Artists
Lifestyle Build Bundle - It's the second link in the top post - extracted from Lifestyle Stories by Argon @ MATY. I used wallpapers from this set.

Standard mods I use that are not necessary nor included - but were probably used whilst building/photo-ing/prepping this house for upload...
I use Moi's Roof Shader for brighter roofs
Maranatah's White Wall Top texture replacement
Moo's Turn On/Off Lights
Menaceman's Lunatech Lighting Fix
BeosBoxBoy's no-red-pause-mod
I also use FRAPs to take in-game pictures, and PhotoShop to clean/collage said pictures.
And, I highly recommend using gummilutt's Invisible Medicine Cabinet to add features to any mirror - as per her policy, it's not used or included in this lot.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): $1,461 - $2,809

Custom Content Included:
- Malva Fence by Spaik @TSR
- Holy Smoke Modular Stairs and recolor by Numenor @ MTS2
- Long Vertical Blinds by BobL @ MTS2
- Vertical Blinds by BobL @ MTS2
- Vertical Blind Recolors by piggis @ BlackysSimsZoo
- Counter Dummy Island by Honeywell @ MTS2
- Invisiblesmokealarm by pfish @ MTS2

Additional Credits:
Thank you EAxis for this wonderful game
And, MTS2 for this terrific website!