Coastal New England - Roofs

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2018 at 5:20 AM
I'd originally only planned on making a single default replacement recolor of that hideous yellow tile roof. And then decided maybe I'd add one more. And then another. And here we are.

Shakewood with white trim as seen on alverdine's The Blue Rooster

Additional Info about All Roofs:
  • All of these roofs are base game compatible and found in the roofing catalogue as optional recolors.
  • All white trim versions have the same white trim (after trying various combinations, this was the one I liked the best thus it's different than white trim versions by other creators).
  • All roofs are grouped appropriately with the EA matching white trim next to their defaults, and each regular/white trim custom side-by-side.
  • All custom roofs with regular trim have the same trim as each other, but different than the white (see screenshots).
  • I've split the files up into sets so you can grab just the shingles or just the slate, or just the matching white trim. Alternatively, if you want it all (hey, I won't judge, I made them, remember) there is an archive with all the individual files included.

Additional Info about Specific Colors:
  • Weathered is a darker version of the EA distressed shingle.
  • Barkwood is a desaturated version of the EA wood shingle.
  • The yellow default replacement is a desaturated version of the asphalt shingle - it does not have a 'custom' thumb like the rest, but the thumb has been adjusted for the right color.
  • The specular on the shiny scalloped roof may look a bit weird but that's because EA used an odd specular for their version and, since the goal was matching, I left it alone. (I also, against my better judgment, did not create a default replacement package to correct their spelling - which means my white trim version is also misspelled and please don't get me started on this because I am trying not to think about it.)

*All textures used to create these roofs come directly from the original roof textures and have just been adjusted in an image editor to change hue/saturation/brightness/etc

Additional Credits:
Buckley for her assistance (and encouragement).

Other Tools Used:

S3OC, S3PE, STBL Editor, Gimp