Greymont Bay

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[blockquote]Founded by a distant Landgraab in the early 1900's as a summer destination for the fabulously wealthy, Greymont Bay's small town charm and scenery began attracting more and more people and soon many opted to stay year round. With the nearest city a little over an hour away by car and the mountain ridge adding to the seclusion of this coastal town, it's easy to feel like Greymont Bay belongs in its own little universe.

Despite its size, Greymont Bay offers plenty of job opportunities for those wishing to make a life within its borders. Science and conservation efforts are at a peak between the local aquarium and conservatory. Family-owned businesses thrive here, their windows showcasing everything from clothes to music and even some more eclectic offerings. A small military base is tucked in the foothills of the mountains, rumored to be a secret facility of some kind. There's even a bit of local nightlife for those wanting to enjoy an evening out!

For those looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle, a place to relax and enjoy the breeze floating down from the mountains, and the babbling of not so distant creeks and waterfalls, consider relocating to Greymont Bay and living every day like its a vacation.[/blockquote]
World Information
Map Size: Large - 2048x2048
World Type: Suburb
Population: Unpopulated
Game Requirements: All EPs, no SPs, no store content
I have used features, objects and lot types from all of these EPs. While some have been used more than others, I cannot guarantee that Greymont Bay will function properly or look good without them. You absolutely must have Supernatural for the bridges. Without Late Night, the distant terrain will be missing. Additionally, without Into the Future, an entire tomb will be broken since the only doors used were from that EP.
  • 172 Stop 'N' Shop (C46) uses the gas pump from Fast Lane Stuff. It's not integral and, if you do not own that set, you could easily replace the pumps with a CC pump. There are a few on TSR for example.
  • Healthy Paws (C32) is set as a Pet Store and utilizes the pet store register that came as part of the Limited Edition version of the Pets EP.
Technical Content
  • Number of layers: 13, including the global layer
  • Terrain Paints: 19 different terrain paints. Most world chunks are limited to 8 or less paints. 13 is the highest number of paints used in any one chunk, and there are only 3 chunks where I have used 13 paints.
  • Routing: The 2 edges of the map that have terrain above sea level are marked as both camera and sim unroutable. Additionally, steep areas of the terrain have been marked as sim unroutable to ensure that sims follow logical pathing down cliffs.
  • Spawners: The amount of spawners is comparable to the number included in EA worlds, though the distribution is different. Care was taken to ensure that rare spawners are, indeed, rare and harder to find while more common spawners are found in more common areas of the world. EP spawners are included with the exception of nanite spawners.
  • Weather: Any custom lighting mods installed separately will override the included weather for this world. If you wish to see the weather for this world, please make sure to remove any standalone lighting mods you may have.
  • Effects: Greymont Bay makes use of multiple effects, including a rotating lighthouse beam, birds, fireflies, a hot air balloon, and waterfalls.
  • Files: I have uploaded both an empty and complete version of Greymont Bay as there are a lot of lots someone would need to delete should they want to build everything from scratch. The worlds share the same WPID so you can only have one installed.
    • Empty: Includes some lots that are dependent on the terrain, like the junkyard, aquarium, and ports. Also includes tombs and dive lots. Some lots have terrain paint/trees to match what the built versions would be for a starting point but can be deleted entirely for a completely fresh start.
    • Developed: Includes all the lots listed below.

Lot Information
There are 145 lots total; 68 community and 77 residential. See the tables below for more information regarding lot details. Residential lots that have only one listed price instead of furnished/unfurnished are vacant/unbuilt lots.
  • 22 vacant/unbuilt residential lots
  • 3 houseboats assigned to ports (2 residential, 1 community)
  • The 2 vacant Edlenton Estates lots are priced in accordance to pinstar's legacy challenge rules.
Table Key:
  • * single asterisk = included in empty world
  • ** double asterisk = modified version with terrain paints and/or trees included in empty world
  • ~ tilde = lot that slopes
I tried to be mindful of store content when creating community lots. I wanted to make it easy for people to add in things from the venues or premium content without needing to completely redo the lot so I have tried to ensure there is enough space for things like the bistro oven. The resort has an empty room where the items from the Serenity Retreat venue can be placed. Most community lots in the downtown square also have empty, accessible spaces above the shops that can be turned into additional stores or used for whatever else you might need.
Some lots have been influenced, in part or a whole lot, by other simmers. Jenba is a huge inspiration to me since we share a love for New England charm and she captures it so well. Notable recreations thanks to permission from their original creators include:
  • Camp Kerrigan, a rebuilt version of Mel's Airport by MsPoodle airport
  • Greymont Station, a partially faithful TS3 replica of Leefish's Simton Railway
  • WGNR is a heavily inspired/rebuilt version of WDAV Public Radio Station by Jenba
  • 2802 and 2803 Brenvale Heights and Altered Elements are modified recreations of the Blue Rooster, Hydrangea Haven, and The Gentle Glow by alverdine.
A number of residential lots had their interiors furnished by simmers throughout the community. This not only was a big help to me in getting things done, but also helps keep all the interiors in Greymont Bay from looking the same (ie like old lady houses). The descriptions for the lots contain the name of the simmer who furnished it; if there is no name, yours truly is responsible. That said, I'd also like to publicly thank everyone for the work they did for me:
King Deadly, simmerjazen, Wilky12, nornities, maggiesims, futurecarrie, goatkibble, illawara, gaiahypothesims, crowkeeper, tangie, cassiessims, pary, kadience, attuned, mwthesims, brionniee, Ferguson Avenue, Johnny Bravo, chocoberrychoco, simplysims3forme, bluephoenix, missyzim, rosarugosa-sims, fakehousesrealawesome, and celtysims
Custom Content
Required Content:
Most custom content for Greymont Bay was made by me, specifically for this world. For ease of access for others wishing to use my content independently of the world, the included files have also been split and uploaded to separate MTS threads; please check those out for additional information and screenshots specific to each item.
Recommended Content:
Some mods are kept in my game and, thus, my screenshots may look different than what you experience. Not having these items will not impact your gameplay in any way, other than not being an exact match for the showcased images here.
  • Wall Fixes by Buckley
  • Star Field by BrntWaffles
  • Decorator's Best Friend by misukisu was used to place some objects on lots. No installation required but be aware that you may not be able to place some things back where they came from if you try to move them.
  • Clutter Your Map: Map Tag Fixes by Don Babilon is a great addition as many of the community lots are combo lots that include a playable lot type and a rabbithole (or rabbithole rug), like Altered Elements which is an elixir consignment store but also contains the gypsy wagon rug. Rabbitholes override any other lot type map tags so this mod makes it so both the rabbithole tag and regular lot tag show together.
Custom Resources:
I have made extensive use of custom resources in this world; these are files that are included in the world file itself. While they will not normally affect other worlds, if you travel to another world for vacation (whether an EA world or using Twallan's traveler mod), you may notice some objects, like rabbitholes, may have retained their custom colors. This is purely graphical and will not affect gameplay. It is caused by the way the game handles default textures and is not an error (just a limitation of using overrides). To revert to the intended color for objects, simply save, exit the game, then reload your save. Special thanks to aminovas who gave me permission to include some of her plant overrides alongside my own.
If you have default replacements for plants or rabbitholes, I recommend removing them while you play in Greymont Bay as many of the recolors are for these types of items and will conflict.
Known Issues and Notes
  • Gobo Lights: These lights always reset upon exporting the world from CAW. Listed below you will find the color, pattern, and movement specs for each lot. Of course, feel free to change them if you'd like. For some of the rooms, (like the private rooms at The Pink Bunny and upstairs at WHOMP!, the gobo light will move through the walls/fence. Not much I can do about this, though you can always change the motion to --no motion-- instead if it's too bothersome.
  • Script Changes: I have used the Transmogrifier by icarus_allsorts on a few lots to change the scripts of a couple items. You do not need this mod installed and all changed scripts should be intact in a fresh game so there's nothing special you'll need to do. Still, you'll find a table below listing what items have been changed, to what, and where they can be located.
  • Rabbithole Names: Many of the rabbitholes have custom names to give Greymont Bay its own aesthetic. Unfortunately it is not possible to rename the rabbithole at world level; this information has to be stored in the save game. You can rename the rabbitholes in game using Nraas DebugEnabler so that they have the intended names listed in the table above.
    This also affects the town festival which is supposed to have unique names for each season. To fix them, you will need to edit the lot and make sure to have testingcheatsenabled true and then enter buydebug. (You may need to switch between Build/Buy to get the seasonal lot marker should show up). Ctrl+shift+click on the marker that appears on the front right of the lot, choose 'Set Seasonal Festival Name', then go through each season. Of course, you can leave them alone and have the default "Summer Festival" if you want as well!
    • Spring: Blossoms by the Bay
    • Summer: Carnival at the Coast
    • Fall: Harvest on the Harbor
    • Winter: Snowflakes by the Sea
  • Fireplaces: In some instances, I used moveobjects to mix and match chimneys and their fireplaces. The fireplaces work and can be lit like normal but because the chimney cap is not the one that came with the fireplace, smoke will not rise from the top. Since most homes were going to be used for inactive sims/townies, this seemed like an acceptable compromise. If you wish to have smoke from these chimneys, you can do one of two things: switch your fireplace out for one of armiel's CASTable chimneys or place the fog emitter at the cap level and use the code 'chimney2x1cap' (without the quotes).
  • Objects floating in the air on lots: This is a game glitch in which certain items (plants, boxes, deco items) will show on a different level than the one they are placed on under certain circumstances. You can fix this by grabbing the item and then hitting esc to release it. It will pop to where it should be (though the next time you load the game it will be doing the same thing again). As a forewarning, please be aware that the rabbithole rug for the resort is affected by this glitch.
  • Gnubb Sets: For some reason, these sets get broken when a world is exported, therefore they have been removed and will either need to be replaced in Edit Town mode or sims will need to bring their own.
    • Camp Mokegan: If you're facing the main building, there is a faint dirt patch to the left for the set.
    • Burbidge Conservatory: The small section of the front garden with the bee habitats has space for a gnubb set.
  • Cash registers: There are quite a few cash registers and bars throughout Greymont Bay. I made sure to use the decorative cash register for any shops that are purely aesthetic but there are still a good number of working ones. If you have a low-spec computer or do not wish to have random NPCs in your game, I recommend using Twallan's Register Mod to control them.
  • Twallan's Traveller Mod: This world contains one lot (Camp Mokegan) which is zoned as a Base Camp. This is intended to be used when playing Greymont Bay as a vacation world using Twallan's Traveler Mod. However, Camp Mokegan can be visited when playing Greymont Bay as a base world too, and your sims can sleep and eat there, as well as gain opportunities from the adventure board.
  • Snow: While I did everything I could to prevent any ugly snow issues, there are a couple places in the world where there are graphical glitches that cause odd lines in the snow, usually most noticeable along the coast. They will not affect performance, but might require you to get a little creative with screenshot angles for gameplay pictures.
  • Performance: This is a high detail world. It may take time for textures to load, particularly in the downtown section of the map where there is a larger volume of lots. Additionally, when the seasons change and a new festival is rotated in, your game may appear to be stuck momentarily. Give it a little breathing room and let it do its thing. That said, I do have a high performance gaming rig and cannot promise that performance will be acceptable if you play on a low-end rig.
Lot Specific Notes
  • 4081 Route 172: There is a bookshelf in the living room that is blocked by a chair. This is intentional as the bookshelf is supposed to look more like a decorative hutch. Other bookshelves in the house provide reading material.
  • 717 Acker Way: A bug with roofing tricks the game into thinking the roof of the 1-story wing on the left is blocking part of the master bedroom thus making the dresser/mirror across from the bed inaccessible. A second dresser has been added so sims are still able to change in their room.
  • 40 Amberley Road: There are 2 Ambitions photo frames in the family room. They are meant to be sitting on the shelf but, for some reason, they reset to be "hanging" outside. Grab them with the hand tool and then hit 'esc' and it will put them where they're supposed to be.
  • The Pink Bunny: I used the Speedy Pole from Ambitions to simulate a dance pole but the round plastic cutout at the second level will be present upon loading the game. Using testingcheatsenabled set to true, ctrl+shift+click on the black plastic ring and delete it. It will stay deleted until you completely shut down the game and restart it. Personally, I'd only bother deleting the ring if I plan on having an active sim visit the lot.
  • Fogett's Water Plant: There are fish spawners located in the water tanks. I recommend a mod like this one by icarus_allsorts that allows anyone to fish in pools, rather than just children and childish sims.
  • Founders Parish: This lot is set as No Visitors Allowed to keep townies from congregating at the church. If you would like to host something like a wedding party here, change the lot assignment in Edit Town to one of the valid assignments for party venues.
  • Alley Masters: Due to weird behavior caused by the bowling lane, any light assignments are reset back to white in any room where a bowling lane is found. Exporting a world in CAW messes with the lights as well. Alley Masters is an unfortunate victim of this bug. To put them back, set as follows: 2 3x1 buydebug lights = blue, 3 2x2 buydebug lights = magenta and the rest of the buy mode lights have a custom color. Select custom color and the numbers are still there, they just need to be reminded! It may need to be updated every time you reload the game.
  • Mercy General: The uppermost level is inaccessible due to CFE. As the rooms up there are empty, this should not be a problem but if you want to be able to make use of that space, I recommend Yogi-Tea's Smaller Elevator Shaft. There's a box for it in the correct spot so all you'll need to do is place it. Additionally, most of the hospital is unfurnished though the waiting rooms and cafeteria are decorated appropriately. This is intentional to keep the lot more manageable since it is quite large. It also makes it easier to decorate with CC hospital items, if you so choose.
  • Elling's Ridge Winery: I double stacked some nectar shelves to get extra height. Sims will not be able to reach the upper shelves to buy wine. Don't be greedy! There's plenty of other bottles to purchase throughout the lot!
  • Aw Shucks: This lot was designed for the String of Inspiration light from the store to be hung between the posts on the deck. However, they are not present in the world as I didn't want to require custom or store content. If you choose to add them, the recommended custom light color is 243,220,163 with a custom intensity of 0.5. You will have to enable moveobjects to hang them. The lot without them functions and looks perfectly fine!
  • The Trout's Snout: This fishing hole is big enough that sims can skate on it in winter when the ice is thick enough. However, beware: The laws of physics start to degrade this high up in the mountains!
Special Thanks:
This project was a huge undertaking, one that has been in progress for nearing 7, SEVEN!, years! There are so many people I couldn't have done it without that it is almost impossible to thank them all. From the people who posted in my feedback thread, to the encouragers on Tumblr, the people who tested for me, and decorated for me, and the ones who waited, so patiently as I kept saying "Soon™". Some notable mentions are @PharaohHound @Buckley and @spladoum who were my personal cheerleading squad over the years and @simsample and @armiel who were amazing inspirations and fonts of knowledge when it came to world building.