Victorian Baby Clothes

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Uploaded 13th Dec 2018 at 1:16 AM · Updated 16th Dec 2018 at 12:45 PM by Charity

Edit 2: Fixed problem where the nightgowns were still available for toddler.

Edit: Was not happy with the baby nightgown. The mesh was a bit wonky and it turned out that I was using the wrong texture. So I've redone it and also added two recolours from All About Style that I'd missed, orange plaid and pink flowers. Just delete the old mesh and recolour and download the new ones.

I have recently downloaded a ton of stuff for my modern day babies, but I was lacking in the baby clothing department for my Victorian babies.

I loved All About Style's toddler sleepwear/underwear, so I decided to convert it for babies.

Although AAS' terms of use say no remixes of her work I'm uploading it under the rules here.


Remixes of others' work
Some of the coolest creations grow from a modification of someone else's work. By "remix" we mean basically any modification of the creator's work - using their textures or meshes, converting from one game to another, or including as part of a lot upload.

In the past, we've required either permission or a stated policy that says you can "remix." But many creators disappear, have no policies or unclear policies, and you can't ask permission because you can't contact them. In light of this, we allow "remixes" of other creators' work, even if you don't necessarily have permission and their policies don't state you can.

This is subject to certain conditions (ALL of these must be true, not just one/some):

The original creator does not have policies (either on their profile or in their posts) stating that you cannot do whatever type of remix you're doing, or their policy (or site) is permanently offline.

You must provide a link back to the original creator's profile/creation in the text of your post, and state what you've used. Just saying "Based on this: (link)" is not enough - you need to state the creator's name, the name of what you've used by them and how (mesh, textures, whatever), and a link back to them.

The AAS site is gone and only accessible via the Wayback Machine and I got no response to an email, so I believe that it meets the 'permanently offline' condition. If AAS should come back to the community or object then I'll take the upload down.

The toddler chemise is for female babies. The union suit and nighties are unisex. The nighties come in two colours, plaid and white. The union suit is blue and the chemise is white.

I also converted some of Cocomama's Victorian toddler clothing, namely the bloomers, half bloomers and nightgown, all for baby unisex. They all come in off white. The collar on the toddler bloomers has been removed, as I couldn't get it to not clip into the baby's neck. The lower buttons on the nightgown have also been removed due to distortion issues.

All the clothing has Rosebine's edit of Bloom's sexy feet for babies and toddlers. They're all set to Everyday and Sleepwear, as those seem to be the only categories available for babies.

These are all non default outfits and to use the clothing you'll need Chris Hatch's mod, linked here with instructions.

There is some clipping when the baby uses the danglemaster and wriggles about, shown in a pic.

Thanks to:

All About Style
Chris Hatch
simmer22, for her tutorial on baby clothes and for help with some problems.

Polygon Counts:
buvicnightgown = 3,248
bufullbloomers = 3,204
buhalfbloomers = 3,050
bfchemise = 3,332
buunion = 2,960
buvicnightshirt = 3,076

Additional Credits:
Bloom, for his sexy feet.
Rosebine, for her edit of Bloom's feet for toddlers and babies.

Age: Toddler
Gender: Male Female
Clothing Type: Everyday Sleepwear
Clothing Style: Historial
Other Type: Not Applicable
Maxis Flags: Age Conversion
Outfit Type: Full Outfit

Tags: #victorian, #baby, #everyday, #sleepwear