Double Swing Front Door

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Uploaded: 5th Jan 2019 at 10:31 PM
Here's a new door mesh that I hope you guys will like. I'm calling it the Double Swing because it animates both doors at the same time when your Sim approaches to pass through.

Seriously, what's the point of having a double door if the game only lets you use half of it at a time?

These doors are slaved to the Matte N Glass Front Door, and will take any recolors of that basegame door. There are two recolorable subsets - 'surfaces' and glass. You MUST have The CEP installed for recolors of the glass to show in your game. In celebration of Numenor making the glass recolorable, I have included a few new glass recolors in a separate file on the download page. I also recommend Michelle's recolors , which I use quite a bit in my builds. (*the "metal" glass color in picture below is actually "Blue")

These doors are also placeable on diagonal walls.

I owe leefish a huge debt of gratitude for her generous help and guidance in getting the animations for this door to work. That, and all the cool doors and bookcases she's made over the years that inspired me to get 'under the hood'.

Technical Data:

In-game price: 425

Catalog Location: BuildMode>BuildTools>Doors&Windows>Doors

Face Count: 744


Since this is a repositoried object, there are no textures in the object itself. All pictured doors in this post show EAxis textures with the exception of the glass recolors. These glass textures were made with GIMP and SimPE.

Known Issues:

--Sometimes the Sim will walk through the door before it starts opening.
--Doors only open in one direction (North), no matter from which way your Sim approaches. Working on getting these animations split into CW and CCW separates to fix that.

Polygon Counts:
frame N - 24
frame S - 24
r_door_N - 174
r_door_S - 174
l_door_N - 174
l_door_S - 174

Additional Credits:
The CEP - Numenor & RGiles SimPE - Quaxi & his talented elves
Mod the Sims - that's right- I'm thanking YOU for the community and supportive enthusiasm for new content, and Tashiketh for keeping it all together

As mentioned above, big thanks to leefish for her invaluable help on this project, and I would like to thank the following giants whose shoulders we were able to stand on: WesHowe, Numenor, Jasana_BugBreeder, & Echo - for all their collected and shared knowledge, theories, and inquiries that were left in the threads and tutorials here at MTS.