Prefer to eat at tables

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Uploaded 5th Mar 2019 at 4:45 PM · Updated 4th Mar 2019 at 11:05 PM by mental-hygiene : added game version and overridden resources

My sims regularly walked across the house to get to a bed, passing by several perfectly good tables and chairs! I aimed to fix that. Sims will now preferentially sit in a dining chair to eat. If that's not available, they'll choose to sit in a barstool, then in living room seating, and finally in beds and at desks.

This is just a simple tuning mod, so it should be compatible with everything. It does not interfere with multitasking, and sims will still sit on couches to watch TV if you tell them to while eating. I doubt that this will need updating for future game versions.

Built with game version (Strangerville), but should be compatible with any version.

This mod makes changes to the following interaction tuning files:

Additional Credits:
Made with Sims 4 Studio
Coding was modeled after Diffevair's Mod

Type: Fixed

Tags: #tables, #ea fix, #eating, #eat, #eat at tables, #beds, #tuning mods, #tuning