Child's Play 2 -Outdoor Play and Games For Children!

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This is the second of three sets for outdoor children's games.

*11 poses of children playing games as they once did before technology.
*poses list compatible
*tested in game twice and work as designed

Note- pose 10 was designed low so that you could use the one more slot package (from MTS) and hang the child off any bar you choose. I am showing this child hanging from the climber, but you could find many more things for a child to climb. Found here:


c_bmit_childplay1 c_bmit_childplay8
c_bmit_childplay2 c_bmit_childplay9
c_bmit_childplay3 c_bmit_childplay10
c_bmit_childplay4 c_bmit_childplay11

CC Hairs Shown In Pics

blond haired boy - Joey by Cazy

light red haired girl - Midnight Wish by Cazy

dark red haired girl by Skysims

side swept black hair on girl - Rosana by Cazy

blond girl hanging on climber - Heartbreak by Cazy

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