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Toddler Sicknesses and Stacking Symptoms

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Uploaded 6th May 2019 at 11:18 PM · Updated 15th Feb 2022 at 9:47 PM by NateTheL0ser : Updated Symptoms Stack to use Script

**UPDATE** Symptoms Stack now uses a script by LeRoiDeTout (with permission) to keep it running alongside buff component updates for patches.

Now that the latest Private Practice is public, there is a new version that is compatible and works alongside Private Practice. This is the version I use in my game. You can get Private Practice here on The SOL version is now considered retired because of the new SOL version with all new systems, but it's still available for those using old version. Please only use one version of Toddler Sicknesses at a time.

Toddlers are pretty gross in real life, no doubt about it. So why does the Sims 4 restrict toddler illnesses to just playful giggling? This mod aims to change that by allowing toddlers to become sick and infect older sims and each other.

Getting a toddler sick is pretty easy: similar to Private Practice, toddlers will get sick the same way older sims can: from typical cold and flu seasons, going to a rabbithole like daycare where they're bound to touch all sorts of gross surfaces, and nearby sick sims*. There is, however, an extra way I made for testing and cheating: a pie menu for selected toddlers that will make toddlers sick instantly with a Cold, Flu, or Stomachache.

So my toddler is sick, now what?: Sick toddlers are given a broadcaster that can spread to other sims (only other toddlers if you do not have Private Practice or GTW installed), there are different broadcasters depending on if they have the flu (older sims get Llama Flu in GTW version) or a cold (older sims get Triple Threat in GTW version). How toddlers feel about their illness symptoms depends on their trait, most will be sad, but Wild, Fussy, and Independent will become angry from their symptoms instead. Stomachaches are not contagious, and are a consequence of a toddler eating bad food.

So what's this "symptoms stacking" business?: This is an optional package that allows GTW symptoms experienced by older sims to co-exist at the same time; this is only included because toddlers are able to experience stacked symptoms (because they are new buffs) and it felt unfair not to include it for older sims.

What are the buffs?: Cold (always sad, +5, lasts 3 days), Flu (always angry, +5, lasts 3 days), Sniffly (comes with cold and flu, can be sad or angry, +5 each, lasts 3 days with hidden countdown), Feverish (occasional buff that happens with the flu, can be sad or angry, +5 each, lasts 5 hours), and Tummyache (comes from eating bad food or too much food, can be sad or angry, +5 each, lasts 7 hours).

*- other toddlers, particularly; older sims can only infect toddlers if you're using the Private Practice.

With the "what's what" out of the way, here are the less fun but still important details.

-No conflicts that I know of
-Alters the Tuning of: objects.components.buff_component (applies to Symptoms_Stack.package; this is what allows/disallows buffs to co-exist/stack)
-Made with the intent to coexist with other Sickness based mods, please enjoy them with mods like Private Practice and Cooler Sicknesses
-These packages override: objects.components.buff_component (all symptom buffs removed from the list of exclusive buffs in this package),

-None Anymore

-Slice Of Life Mod by KawaiiStacie -
-Replacement or Standalone version of Nyamisim's GTW Sickness Overlay (link has both, override is tweaked by me) -
-Cooler Sicknesses by Nies -
-Private Practice (includes Cooler Sicknesses) by SimRealist -

Additional Credits:
Tummyache icon by Kutto -
Symptoms Stack Script by LeRoiDeTout -
Made with Mod Constructor V4 by Zerbu -
Also made with Sims4Studio by Andrew -

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