Show Sick

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Uploaded: 22nd Feb 2016 at 1:12 AM
Reason for the mod
I wanted a way to make it easy to diagnose illnesses in the doctor career with Get to Work. I don't think you need Get to Work to use this mod, but there may not be much point to it without it.

What it does
This mod tells you what illnesses a sim has using the cheat console.

If there is no available information for the sim to identify an illnesses, it displays "Unable to find an illness." Note that this is different than "No Illness". If the case of "No Illness", it found that the sim is listed with a buff that shows they have no illness. In the case of "Unable to find an illness", that buff is missing. It is probably only safe to diagnose a sim with "No Illness" if the mod shows "No Illness" and not if it shows "Unable to find an illness".

I've seen the game do odd things such as not list any illnesses information, showing "Unable to find an illness" even though a list of illnesses is provided for diagnosis, or showing a child sim's illness with an illness that requires surgery but not listing that illness in the list of possible diagnostic choices, probably due to children not supposed to being able have surgery treatment. In cases like these, it is probably best to skip that sim in order to avoid a misdiagnosis.


This shows what illness the current sim has:

This shows what illness the sim named John Doe has:
show_sick john doe

Game Version
This mod was developed using Sims 4 version 1.15.55

Thanks to MTS for hosting mods and their information on how to write mods.