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Asheville (Custom Scripting!) [BG Compatible - Read Desc!]

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Uploaded 14th Aug 2019 at 4:26 PM · Updated 24th Sep 2019 at 10:37 PM by cutupuss


Whilst this Neighbourhood only uses base game items, objects and content, it was made with Celebration Stuff installed so that the game would be on a newer update which had more building options, bug fixes and neighbourhood tools available.

That being said, it requires at least 1 expansion/stuff pack newer than or including Open For Business.

However, If you can figure out how to update the base game to a newer version without needing a newer pack to update (perhaps with AnyGame Starter) - I'm positive the hood will work.

This was made with my own custom SC4 template and does not require a camera mod to view the neighbourhood.

If you have the Ultimate Collection, please download "CUTU -Ultimate Collection Version", as for some reason storytelling completely vanishes if the other neighborhood folder is opened with the ultimate collection. Otherwise, if you are using the disk version please use "CUTU - Post OFB Version (DISK)"

Graves don't seem to appear under any circumstances within the ultimate collection version, but the character data for them is still there.

Asheville's Custom Scripting Mod (Optional)

This custom scripting mod was created by Chris Hatch , and discord users homekeys and crosimmer helped me set it up for the neighbourhood. All you need to do is drop this directly into your Downloads folder (documents>EA Games>Sims 2> Downloads)

What this does is add notifications to your game when you open a specific family, much like the maxis pre-made hoods, but after playing each family and saving there's pretty much no point in keeping the mod in your downloads folder anymore so you may as well remove it after that.

Recommended Mods Asheville as a shopping district, by promeni

No Townie Memory Loss <--- One townie in particular has memories that are crucial to finding out what happened to Molly Wonder, but in a vanilla game their memories are wiped the moment they join the household.

Neighbourhood Description:
Asheville has long since struggled maintaining it's reputation for being a peaceful, suburban town. A murder, a missing teen, aliens even?

But with a new mayor, perhaps some good might finally rise from the ashes of Asheville.

This Neighbourhood was made with the intent of being a nice place for users to make their own custom families who would fit in with the environment, compared to a more dramatic and extreme Neighbourhood like New Arlestown.

This mod also contains custom townies, and is made with clean templates so you won't have to worry about Goopy or the Ottomas creeping into your game.

Lot Sizes:

If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask me!

Additional Credits: SimPE , Crosimmer , Chris Hatch, Homekeys

Tags: #inhabited, #story, #plot, #neighbourhood, #arlestown, #death, #clue, #suburban