Sinks With Slots

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2020 at 2:24 PM
Updated: 26th Aug 2022 at 11:35 PM - Description
I've added slots to each of the sinks that had enough space for objects to be placed on them. I've not added any swatches, they are all the original EA colours.

Some sinks aren't included because there wasn't enough space to put slots without it looking out of place, or that the objects were defying gravity. I also didn't touch the "kitchen" sinks as they snap into counters, which already has slots we can use.

The majority of the sinks have only 2 slots added, either side of the taps at the back, so you can place toothbrushes and soap. Or anything else you wish.
Where there was more space, I added more slots. A few of them have a shelf underneath the basin, so where there was empty space I added some extra slots for any other clutter.
Some of them had more space on the top so there was enough room to include 4 or maybe 6 slots on the back.
For newer sinks, I have added a lot more.

I'm always using the 9 and 0 keys with moveobjects to maneuver the toothbrushes and soap onto my sinks. So I thought I'd make it easier and add slots so it just snaps into place.

I haven't changed the location in the build/buy menu, or the price of any of the sinks. They are all found in plumbing > sinks

You can download the all in one file if you own all the packs.
You can "mix and match" the downloads by downloading the base game sinks + whatever packs you have installed separately (each are labelled for which pack you need)
The base game sinks are seperated if you don't own any packs at all

This is an OVERRIDE it will REPLACE all the sinks I've added slots to

May conflict with other mods that edit the sinks listed below

Edited sinks & number of slots:
Base Game: Brut Pedestal Sink (4 small), Bureau Sink (2 small), Cru Cabinet Sink (2 small), Poulton Footed Sink Vanity (2 small), RAW Pedestal Sink (7 small, 1 medium), The Amaranth (9 small, 1 medium), The Patrician (2 small)
Cats & Dogs: A Tastefully Sophisticated Sink (2 small)
Seasons: Ain't That A Slate Sink (4 small)
Get to Work: Gets the Job Done Commercial Metal Sink (2 small)
Get Famous: Mid-Century Wash Basin (5 small), Sumptuous Swan Sink (2 small)
City Living: Solent Sink (4 small)
Eco Lifestyle: Semi-Private WashUp (2 small), La Vatea Inc. Outdoor Sink (2 small, 1 medium)
Get Together: The Wash Basin (2 small)
Cottage Living: Cock-A-Doodle-Do Your Dishes! (27small, 2 medium), Put it on a Pedestal (4 small)
Outdoor Retreat: All-purpose Pebbled Sink (4 small)
Vampires: Gothic Pedestal Sink (2 small)
Realm of Magic: Hera's Peacock Sink (2 small)
Jungle Adventure: Opulent Hand Carved Sink (2 small), Wide Basin Sink (2 small)
Parenthood: Single Pipe Sink with Wooden Cabinet (4 small)
Spa Day: The Water Falls Sink (6 small)
Dream Home Decorator: Boxed Sink by BoxWorks (2 small), Super Stacked Sink (28 small)
Laundry Day: Bai l'Est Galvanized Sink (2 small), DIY Sink (2 small)
Fitness: Blivet Basin (2 small)
Tiny Living: The Sinkz Bathroom Vanity (4 small)
Country Kitchen: Country Charm Sink (22 small)

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio