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Russian Heritage: Kolomenskoye Palace

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Uploaded: 22nd Mar 2020 at 7:26 PM
Updated: 23rd Mar 2020 at 6:22 PM - Additional credits


Same way as restorators do, I followed original blueprints when made the real existing house. I followed the outside look of the original. but interior is partly made by my imagination and some rooms are having different. Original palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich was summer residence and it has not fireplaces. It was having a great amount of living spaces for serving personal at first floor and great apartment for each family member that consists of 4 to 5 rooms per each. There was a great amount of chambers at all floors (almost 270). All chambers were tight and little because walls were limited by log lenth that's usually was 6 meters. This also was good since even at summer residences wooden walls need to be heated not to catch an ice in spring. So all houses were heated even when they were not householders inside. Big areas were made from another material and they were hard enought to heat and were emptied and stay cold at winter. In houses of that time fireplaces were called gollandka. They were compact, took place at every chamber. Some of fireplaces had not shimneys and produced a fog of coal that fill up rooms when were used. The kitchen was separated from main building (strapchaya izba) and was also far from dinning. They were a great halls for childern play and inviting guests. The spaces in towers under sloped roofs were closets. Restrooms were actually a closets ner the bedrooms and all poo from that was cleaned up manually.

My version is having differences. Actual house was way bigger. I guess I could make it much similar to original if I had a chance to make it on 64x64 lot. I used to remove original washing house (banya) from plan, and inner yard outbuildings, probably used for chicken coop and other pets breeding. I was shortened all facades length by one window. Some halls were shrinked to passages as a result and not too much space for children play was left inside. Towers are have not interior access and just decorative while original towers with roof windows were closets.

Athought in my version I made a huge input. Original house was just summer residence of Tsar and his family and that means that they visited that only in summer. My house has everything for year-round living: seven fireplaces, closets and washing chambers (banya) for each of Alexei Mihailovich family. Fireplaces in my house are huge, they placed in every banya and worm upper placed chambers same way as modern fireplaces do. All first floors are consists of banya that leads to each bedroom. They are not intersecting and each having separated path to it. All restrooms take places near banya in 1st level. My castle also has an underground secret paths to outside that starts from each fireplace chimney, and home education room for childrens. Also I restored a wall that took place near XVII cent. building and a post nearby called originally "Chelobitniy stolb". But I have not found enough info about chapel plans that took place nearby (Church of the Kazan Virgin) so it is represented only as foundation.

Tsar Alexei Mihailovich had a wife Marya Ilyinishna (Tsarina) and had four daughters and one son. All this castle was originally made for man (called Tsar), woman (Tsarina), toddler daughter( let's call her Tsarevna 1), two teen daughters(Tsarevna 2 and 3), child daughter (Tsarevna 4) and one baby boy (called Tsarevich).

There were not any numbers for floors that time, the ground level was named podklet (don't know how literally translate it), while second level was upper living.
I did not take a photo of each chamber. There's are a lot of them same way as in original house, so I made a little scheme that consist of three parts (one per building) and there you can see those rooms where I was made screenshots. Those plans has numerals that means screenshot number that you can see in name of each and little ✓ mark near each that represents direction by where screen were captured.

There were a narrow corridors that connected each building with each other so Tsar and Tsarina had access to each bedroom of their kids. Althought in my plan this connection is corrupted, Tsar is still have access to Tsarina and Tsarevich, Tsarina has access to all other kids bedrooms.

1st floor is starting from enterance doors (01 screen) that lead you to kitchen (26) and guardian's chamber (27) with prison (28). Then you go to 2nd floor through room (02) dinning called povalusha (05). Also there a room for children's play, dancing, acting (03) and stairs lead to Terem with orchestra (04). That's where all zone for guests is ends. Aanother path from (02) zone leads to Tsar's bedroom (02), his closet (08), library (07) and training room. When you go throw corridor, you can reach nursery (25). Tsar's bedroom is having access to banya (29). Nursery also has a room for maid and stairs down to separated banya. Another corridor (09) from Tsar goes to Tsarina's bedroom(10), closets (11) and then to bedroom of Tsarevna 1 (12) with playroom (13). Each bedroom has its own banya downstairs as well (30). Next path (14) from Tsarevna 1 goest to bedroom to Tsarevna 2 (15) and closet, then another bedroom of Tsarevna 3 (17) with loset (18). Girl's bedrooms both lead to banya downstairs (31) when passing orangery (19). Next path (20) from room (17) leads to child room (21) with closet (22) and banya. There is a class room (23) next to child's bedroom for home education. Last path from Tsarina 4 called gulbische (24) leads back to Tsarina's apartments (09,10,11)

Also there are some rooms at 1st flooor that I took from original house plan. They are Weapons room (23), warious chambers called seni (33), engeneers room (34), room for guardians (27) and prison (28) They took place at original house as well.

Outside has modest outlook with tiled space, sunflowers and wild flowers. There is a space enclosed by houses and fences: they are yard with playground (35b) and yard for housepets (35a). Outside those walls there is a well, picnic space and apple garden. There are some landmarks from original house that take place here but were not restored in real life existing museum: the wall from left side, foundation of home church and "Chelobitniy stolb" - the place where probably peasant visitors had a chance to meet Tsar.

There are a lot of porches that lead to every building (they are called runducks) some are lead to banya but they would help your sims to went away from house if you'll decide to rotate it. I've noticed that green roof covers rooms for Tsar, Tsarina and space for guests, grey roof covers all the rest. This noticement was kept in my palace.

I've tried to keep this house look as it would be in XVII century. There are no PCs and TVs here, and most of space is lightened by candles or gas lamps.

This house is having NO CC
This one is different from version I share at my gallery because it expluatates custom made painting tiles by NaJoPau while Gallery version don't has it. This house here is having above 225 unique paintings (tiles). It's EA's limit that disallow to share it in gallery. Each tile was carefully placed to cover surfaces of fireplaces, that's why whole house takes much to load it in game then otberhouses. Those tiles are also cause insane price of ~2mln smoleons that show up in neigborhood. The gallery price as well as price showing up in menu is different and close to 700k. All fireplaces coverings, the well and firewood storage used in this house can be found separated in my Sims4 gallery profile. Search it there in rooms.

General tips to place and use lot
  • Building contains a lot of climbed roof windows with use of Tmexi's T.O.O.L. It's necessary to make bb.moveobjects turned on before place.
  • Showlliveeditobjects cheat was not used here so all objects here have full price. I used a cheat with long name ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement but it's not giving a great influence since you can build without this cheat at any unoccupied lot.
  • House was build in currently last game version but I had not chance to test it with sims. And guess all process will take too long depending on some circumstances. I can guess that some parts could be not work same way as I imagine and probably sims will find another path routes. One thing I can say exactly that all doors are not locked here and all spaces are accessable at least from porches.

From Russia with Love! Vic ^_^

Lot Type:Residential
Lot Features:None

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): 1.918.718
Lot Price (unfurnished): unknown

Custom Content by Me:
- #russian #slavic #folk #folklore #old #heritage #castle #palace #wooden Based on Wooden palace of Tsar Alexei Mihailovich in Kolomenskoye. Six housings for Tsar, Tsarina, theirs four children and one for little tsarevich. First floor is occupied for pivate bathrooms,kitchen, room for guards and weapon.Second floor is for bedrooms, guests halls and dinning. Big apple garden is outside. Everything is very close to original plans of XVIII sentury turn moveobjects on before place Made by #Victortor

Additional Credits:
Next informational recources were used:
http://wood.totalarch.com/krasovsky/4 (Rus)
https://raven-yellow.livejournal.com/42057.html (Rus)
http://mgomz.com/permanent-expositi...in-kolomenskoye (Eng)
Thanks TMexi for T.O.O.L. and for TAB camera control to BuildBuy Mode
Thanks to NaJoPau for custom made paintings