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Water samples laboratory

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Uploaded 25th Apr 2020 at 12:42 AM · Updated 11th May 2020 at 10:45 AM by Victor_tor : Hashtags and info edited


Blue water, green water, white... This cellar is much looking like pub then lab. Every alcoholic can be a scientist here! You can have here some... samples (best to place it on any lot wher planes don't fly)

This lot is sharing all the same features as Aleister's Elixirs and Sundries that take place in SIms 3 Supernatural. They are:
  • consignment cash register
  • book of spells (aka Aleister's Alchemy Station)
  • brooms holder
  • telephone booth (aka "Police Call Box Transporter")
  • rocking chair
  • elixir ingredient spawners
  • jellybean tree
  • gems cutting machine
  • bees house
  • and fireplace (unfortunately it is not incessantly burning)
However it has some extras: zone for kids with easel, moon calendar and juice bar.

Have used some CC for this buildings I recommend you but they are optionally to install
I used pile of crates and water tower that comes with TS3 Store Riverview. Guess if did not purchase Riverview, they can be easily replaced by proxy, cause they are just recolours of basegame items (but I sure you has it. Hasn't you? )

General tips to place and use the lot:
  • Extract zip. file to your C:\Users\...\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library folder
  • For Riverview all is simple - choose it from your library in game and place it on any 20x30 lot with short side to road. I have it placed on Cyperus Lane, 303, next to Joy household.
  • It may fit any other neighboorhood: Twinbrook, Sunset Valley and also Moonlight Falls cause it supports LLAMA transport system Remember that each movement of the lot before place will attach more spawning points. In this case you'll need to edit this lot in debug mode and delete all clones of them manually.
  • I used just two items from Ambitions. They are ceiling lamp you can see on 10th picture above the table and freaky bunny with deer horns on 8th. Last one is again a little regard to Bau's person, mystic and eerie.
  • This lot is great for sims with Technophobe and Gatherer traits. Supernatural sims (mostly fairies) from all neighborhood can be attracted here by juice bar and the spell book of Aleister's Alchemy Station.
  • Sims and pets are easily climb and down the cellar. All items are accessible. Except pool in center, that's cheated and fountain art. But if you read about it in my random babbling, we are okay. Was playtested with game version:

  • 27.04.20: Was edited to fit MTS guidelines.

Do use it with science!
Regards. Vic ^_^

Lot Type: Elixir consignment store
Lot Features: round-the-clock work hours

Lot Size: 20x30
Lot Price (furnished): 69.855
Lot Price (unfurnished): 32.599

Additional Credits:
Maccorade's project (look for it in related downloads)
Fascisthater for feedback and for commenting and support (search for it by those address, some of his paintings there represents nudity and viscera)

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #water, #tower, #Riverview, #elixir, #consignment, #store