Lamp Collection

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2020 at 12:26 PM
Updated: 15th Apr 2023 at 9:31 PM
It took me a while to prepare, but here it is. Four sets, 48 lights, split into two packs.
All base game compatible, and with reasonable poly-count.

Each pack contains a collection file - to be placed in Collections folder,
or directly in Downloads folder.

15.04.2023: Eight lights from Glass & Brass Set have been converted for The Sims 4 by remysa, you can find those [here] .

Instructions for Mac users:

Note: Radiance Lighting Mod users, apparently that mod changes the way how floor lamp light looks in the game.
I've edited two floor lamps from G&B set to emit brighter, warmer light. Look for the file in the comments section (bottom of page 3).

Modernist Lamps Collection
Includes two very similar sets. Lamps from Retro Lights Set emit warm, yellowish light.
Lamps from Cool Lights Set emit cold white light (that works well with bright recolors).

Retro Lights Set:

Retro Ball-Wand Sconce is a master mesh.
Retro Ball Sconce
Retro Hemisphere Sconce
Retro Quatrefoil Sconce
- all cost 282 S
Buy Mode/Lighting/Wall Lamps

Retro Ball Pendant Light - 538 S
Buy Mode/Lighting/Ceiling Lamps

Retro Table Lamp - 286 S
Buy Mode/Lighting/Table Lamps

Retro Floor Lamp - 389 S - Wooden parts pull texture from base game "Club Counter".
Buy Mode/Lighting/Floor Lamps

Cool Lights Set :

Cool Ball-Wand Sconce is a master mesh.
Cool Ball Sconce
Cool Hemisphere Sconce
Cool Quatrefoil Sconce
Cool Swing-Arm Lamp
- all cost 281 S
Buy Mode/Lighting/Wall Lamps

Cool Ball Pendant Light - 538 S
Buy Mode/Lighting/Ceiling Lamps

Cool Desk Lamp
Cool Table Lamp
- both cost 286 S
Buy Mode/Lighting/Table Lamps

..And two small additions:
Power cord for wall lamps
Longer power cord for wall lamps (new!)
- both costs 5 S - a low poly mesh, cord with a switch and a plug.
Found in Buy Mode/Lighting/Miscellaneous, each file includes recolors.
The shorter cord will be useful if you can shift wall lamps
(but you can also use OMSP to place it on end-tables etc).
I use these to transform base game wall lights into bedside lamps.

The second pack:Vintage Lamps Collection Also contains two sets.

GameRoom Set:

Buy Mode/Lighting/Ceiling Lamps
Gameroom 3-Shade Lamp - 540 S - classic billiard lamp, master mesh.
GameTable Hanging Lamp - 230 S
Industrial Pendant Light - 200 S

Buy Mode/Lighting/Table Lamps
Gameroom Desk Lamp - costs 290 S

Glass & Brass Set (G&B) is a massive set, that includes a few mini-sets.

Buy Mode/Lighting/Ceiling Lamps:

G&B Antique Billiard Lamp - 540 S - is a master mesh.
Blown Glass Pendant Light - 328 S
Bell Pendant Light - 329 S
Berry Pendant Light - 330 S
Lantern Pendant Light - 331 S
Fantastical Pendant Light - 854 S
Fantastical Chandelier - costs 6500 S - giant ceiling lamp, two storeys high.
This one is more high-poly than the rest, 3437 polygons. But you won't fit a lot of these in one house anyway..

Ribbed Sphere Ceiling Lamp - costs 550 S
needs second master mesh: Ribbed Sphere Table Lamp.

Buy Mode/Lighting/Wall Lamps:

Lantern Sconce - 288 S
Quatrefoil Sconce - 288 S
Bell Sconce - 289 S
Pyramid Sconce - S 290
Round Wall Lamp- 290 S

Buy Mode/Lighting/Table Lamps:

Table lamps:
Saturn - costs 288 S
Apple - costs 289 S
Pyramid Table Lamp - 290 S
Banker Desk Lamp - 290 S
Bell Table Lamp - 290 S
Small Hexagon Table Lamp - 294 S
- lamp base pulls textures from base game "CleenSheen Basin".
Hexagon Table Lamp - 295 S
Round Table Lamp - 300 S
Ribbed Sphere Table Lamp - 300 S
- shares wooden base textures with Ribbed Ceiling Lamp (recolors included).
Ribbed Tetrapod - 301 S

Buy Mode/Lighting/Floor Lamps
Floor Lamps:
Pyramid - 390 S
Fantastical - 950 S

Buy Mode/Lighting/Outdoor:
Lantern Fence Light - 280 S
Lantern Post - 280 S
Garden Lamp - 580 S

Buy Mode/Lighting/Miscellaneous:
Fantastical Street Lamp - 2500 S


I've generated random GUIDs for these items.

I recommend you get collection files, note how many lamps you've downloaded
and make sure it all shows up in each collection folder.

I've made all the 3D meshes aside from round Wall Lamp, that borrows parts and shape from Tiffany Lamp by Maxis.
Most of these were inspired by lamps I've seen on internet etc. Fantastical mini-set is my own design.
I still have a few lamps in my WIP folder.. But for now, I've switched to plumbing

EA Maxis, for "Belle Epoque" Tiffany lamp mesh.

Large window by TheJim07

Polygon Counts:
Bell Pendant Light: 254 poly,
Pyramid Table Lamp: 307 poly,
Power cord for wall lamps: 313 poly,
Cool & Retro Hemisphere Sconce: 382 poly,
Cool Table Lamp: 400 poly,
Lantern Sconce: 406 poly,
Blown Glass Pendant Light: 452 poly,
Bell Sconce: 458 poly,
Industrial Pendant Light: 472 poly,
Cool & Retro Ball Sconce: 477 poly,
Retro Table Lamp: 484 poly,
Pyramid Floor Lamp: 500 poly,
Saturn Table Lamp: 511 poly,
Lantern Fence Light: 522 poly,
Hanging Lantern: 556 poly,
Small & large Hexagon Table Lamp: 558 poly,
GameTable Lamp: 623 poly,
Apple Table Lamp: 653 poly,
Cool Swing-Arm Lamp: 653 poly,
Cool & Retro Quatrefoil Sconce: 666 poly,
Cool Desk Lamp: 688 poly,
Gameroom Desk Lamp: 729 poly,
Banker Table Lamp: 769 poly,
Round Table Lamp: 784 poly,
Cool & Retro Ball Pendant Light: 845 poly,
G&B Quatrefoil Sconce: 861 poly,
Pyramid Sconce: 869 poly,
Ribbed Sphere Table Lamp: 908 poly,
Ribbed Sphere Ceiling Lamp: 908 poly,
Ribbed Tetrapod Table Lamp: 923 poly,
Bell Table Lamp: 950 poly,
Berry Pendant Light; 992 poly,
Antique Billiard Lamp: 1021 poly,
Cool & Retro Ball-Wand Sconce: 1140 poly,
Retro Floor Lamp: 1164 poly,
Round Wall Lamp: 1167 poly,
Fantastical Floor Lamp: 1648 poly,
Garden Lamp: 1655 poly,
Fantastical Pendant Light: 1756 poly,
Fantastical Street Lamp: 1952 poly.
Gameroom 3-Shade Lamp: 1977 poly,
Fantastical Chandelier: 3437 poly,

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Compressorizer, Blender