a Heap of Decor Items

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Uploaded: 16th Nov 2019 at 12:08 PM
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Hello everybody
I've rounded up my best decor objects (and a few other things ). No expansions needed.

Many of these items use base game textures. Some have a few recolors included with the mesh file.
Only separate recolors are named.

Update: Geometric Star Sculpture couldn't be placed on tables, it's fixed now.

*Hanging Rug (bonus item) pulls texture & recolors from Big Rug 3x4 by Nengi65. You can get the mesh HERE along with 96 recolors by iCad.

*Each tray has one placement slot, which is accessible when the tray is placed on the floor.

Here we go:

Buy Mode/Decorative/Plants:

Fruit branches in a vase - 120 S
Japanese maple branches in a vase - 120 S
Potted Taro Plant (master) - 200 S
I've also included
Unpotted Taro Plant - enlarged mesh (slave)
it costs 72 S, you'll find it in
Build Mode/Garden center/Shrubs.

Succulent Set
Aeonium in a Rectangular Pot - Master - 110 S
Pachypodium (slave) - 111 S
Pair of Succulents (slave) - 109 S
Small Sansevieria (slave) - 109 S
all in Buy Mode/Decorative/Plants
..and unpotted:
Double Aeonium (slave) - 70 S
Single Aeonium (slave) - 71 S
Both can be found in Build Mode/Garden center/Shrubs
Round Ceramic Planter - 18 S - Buy Mode/Surfaces/Miscellaneous

Buy Mode/Decorative/Sculpture:

Butterfly specimen in a double-pane box - 130 S
Geometric Star Sculpture - 340 S
"Duotone" Wooden Vase - Small - 449 S
"Duotone" Wooden Vase - Large - 650 S
Both vases pull textures from "Ample King" Table & "Tempered Tea Table"
Oriental Wooden Jar - 450 S
Texture slaved to "Tempered Tea Table".

Buy Mode/Decorative/Miscellaneous:

Three cups - 98 S
Three bowls - 98 S
textures slaved to base game "Vase collection" sculpture and "Bovinia" fridge

Gold-end Ratio Rectangular Tray - 98 S
Pulls textures from Gold-end Ratio Table.

Three Art Books Stack (also has placement slot) - 250 S

Shiny Tray & Teapot Set:
Shiny Serrated Tray Large - master object - 305 S
Shiny Serrated Tray Smaller (slave) - 303 S
Shiny Dessert Stand (slave) - 300 S
Shiny Round Tray (slave) - 304 S
Shiny Teapot (slave) - 304 S

Shiny Metal Lantern - 200 S - based on moroccan lamp by Maxis
found in Buy Mode/Lighting/Table lamps

Wicker Lantern for table & floor (master) - 120 S
also found under Buy Mode/Lighting/Table lamps
Hanging Wicker Lantern (slaved) - 120 S
Buy Mode/Lighting/Hanging lamps

..aaand bonus items :

Hanging Rug - 800 S
Just slave mesh. It requires Big Rug 3x4 by Nengi65 .
Can be found in Buy Mode/Decorative/Wall category.
It was cloned from a sculpture, so you can place it in slots to adjust the height for two-story spaces etc.

Large Marble Slab Coffee Table - 800 S
Buy Mode/Surfaces/Coffee Tables
Wooden parts pull texture & recolors from "Club Counter"
It's cloned from Bayon Coffee Table made by Moune999 and has 13 placement slots.

I've generated random GUIDs for these items.

As always, remember to check if new objects you put in your folders show up in the game.
There are 28 of these here, plus two bonus items, so... better to use a check-list I guess


The planter, bookstack & trays were cloned from a planter by Honeywell (based on SilentLucidity's OMSP).

EA Maxis, for the meshes.

Polygon Counts:
Butterfly specimen: 154 polygons,
Gold-end Ratio Rectangular Tray: 162 poly,
Oriental Wooden Jar: 187 poly,
Round Ceramic Planter: 216 poly,
Geometric Star Sculpture: 238 poly,
Three bowls: 362 poly,
Hanging Rug N65: 376 poly,
"Duotone" Wooden Vase Small & Large: 410 poly,
Three Art Books: 418 poly,
Small Sansevieria: 428 poly,
Wicker Lantern table&floor Lamp: 458 poly,
Shiny Round Tray: 468 poly,
Single Aeonium: 532 poly,
Garden Taro Plant: 558 poly;
Wicker Lantern Hanging: 610 poly,
Three cups: 638 poly,
Japanese maple branch: 638 poly,
Shiny Dessert Stand: 670 poly,
Large & Small Serrated Tray: 684 poly,
Pair of Succulents & Pot: 792 poly,
Shiny Teapot: 814 poly,
Double Aeonium: 850 poly,
Marble Slab Coffee Table: 852 poly,
Shiny Metal Lantern: 854 poly,
Potted Taro Plant: 856 poly,
Aeonium in a Pot: 878 poly,
Pachypodium: 1368 poly,
Fruit branches in a vase: 1615 poly.

Additional Credits: SimPE Compressorizer

Featured in the screenshots:
Planter by BuggyBooz

Torrox Plant by Moune999