Penguin Default Replacement

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2020 at 4:29 PM
Updated: 18th Jun 2020 at 5:29 PM
UPDATE 18/06: updated the files to make the hat not covered in snow during winter (cloned from Nopke’s fix, you’ll still need that fix as well). If you don’t use Nopke’s fix and want the hat to be covered in snow during winter, get one of the files from the old zip file. The new updated files are in the "vegankaktus_penguinDEFAULT_updated".

You ever look at a penguin and think "this penguin needs a hat and some clothes"? ... No? Well I did >:-D with this default replacement you get just that - a penguin with hat and clothes! Many problems and errors later, (this makes it sound like I've been working on this for ages, but it's literally been a day lmao) I present to you: my penguin default replacement!

Included in the download are three four files, but you have to choose one of them since they are all defaults. If you already have a penguin default in your downloads folder, you have to remove it before installing mine. The only ones I know of are this and this. I also recommend this fix by Nopke. It's compatible with my DR (but not required)!

All files have been compressed to reduce file size. If you experience anything weird when using my default, let me know!

Credits: strangertomato for their default replacement with kinemortophobia's alien eyes, xmsims for the hat mesh (new texture by me), Yuxi/esperesa for the clothes' texture (second download, "in stride") and EA for the necklace (it's from afbodybohemian) and Nopke for the txmt I cloned for the hat (in the updated version).

And lastly, a huge thank you to HugeLunatic, itsdiamondeyeuniverse and deedee-sims for taking the time trying to help me. I wouldn't have figured out thow to fix all the problems I stumbled upon if it weren't for them!